Careerforce Apprenticeships – Introduction of New Activity Requirements

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This email is being sent to you as an employer of staff who are currently completing a Careerforce apprenticeship programme. There are a number of important changes that you need to be aware of.

Introduction of Apprenticeship Boost
The Government’s $380.6m Apprenticeship Boost fund is designed to help employers to retain and bring on new apprentices as the economy recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

As an employer with staff currently completing an apprenticeship programme, you may be able to apply for Apprenticeship Boost payments, of $1000/mth for apprentices in their first year, and $500/mth for apprentices in their second year.

The fund is open for applications now, which are made through MSD. For more information on the fund, including eligibility and how to apply, go here.

Careerforce Apprenticeships – Introduction of New Activity Requirements
Careerforce has recently reviewed its requirements for people completing and enrolling in apprenticeship programmes, and which have resulted in some process changes.

Consistent with the Code of Good Practice for New Zealand Apprentices, it is a requirement that apprentices actively progress towards completion of their apprenticeship in a reasonable timeframe. Careerforce is introducing activity requirements for all apprentices that will result in an apprentice likely:
  • Being placed ‘on hold’ after five months with no modules completed and;
  • Being withdrawn from the apprenticeship after six months with no modules completed

Programme withdrawal is the course of last resort for Careerforce, and all endeavours will be made to support and encourage regular apprentice activity. Careerforce apprenticeship programmes are all 120 credits (consisting of 13-15 learning and assessment modules), and with an expected duration of 18 months. Based on completion within this expected duration, apprentices should have completed 4-5 modules over any six-month period – only apprentices who have not completed any modules over the same period will be withdrawn.

The apprentice’s Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor can exercise some discretion if they are aware of any mitigating circumstances.

This review was initiated primarily by a desire to improve our learner outcomes, but also in response to the Government’s introduction of Apprenticeship Boost, as any payments are contingent upon apprentices being ‘active’, and requires participating employers to make monthly declarations to this effect. Any apprentices that are either placed on-hold or withdrawn will be ineligible for any further Apprenticeship Boost payments.

Careerforce is also experiencing a significant lift in apprenticeship enrolments due to Apprenticeship Boost, and our pastoral care and assessment resources have to be focused on apprentices who are genuinely committed to their apprenticeship.

These changes are reflected in the apprenticeship training agreement for new apprentices. For existing apprentices, the changes are not retrospective, therefore only existing apprentices who do not complete any further modules over the next five months will be affected by this change.

If you have any queries or concerns with these changes, please feel free to discuss with your Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor. A communication has also been sent to all current apprentices. We also encourage you to discuss these changes with your apprentice(s), and continue to support them on their apprenticeship journey.

Nga mihi,

Andrew Saunders
General Manager – Employer Services

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