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In this issue:
  • Welcome to the first issue of Training for Good for 2023
  • Keep up the studies, earn the credits, be successful!
  • Dyslexia no barrier to success for diversional therapy apprentice
  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Win a copy of Dave Letele's 'No Excuses' plus a grocery voucher
  • Careerforce now part of the Te Pūkenga whānau
Welcome to the first issue of Training for Good for 2023
Kia ora

We hope you’re enjoying summer and making time to recharge and reconnect with your friends and whānau.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with any learners who have been impacted by the recent severe flooding and we recognise that this may be disruptive to your learning.

In this issue we talk about the importance of achieving credits, and continuing with your learning. This is often a great time of year to think about how you’ll progress your learning, develop a plan for the year ahead, set targets around what you want to accomplish and track your progress.

We share the story of an apprentice with Irlen syndrome, a type of dyslexia, who, with the support of her employer and Careerforce is successfully working through her apprenticeship. We also include links to some great resources and organisations who can provide support for people with dyslexia.

Keep up your studies, earn the credits, be successful!
To be a successful learner, it’s important to stay engaged and committed to your learning.
    We know it can sometimes be challenging to fit in your training alongside work and other commitments.

    However, if you can keep yourself on a steady path of regular learning, and try to stay motivated, you’re more likely to succeed and get that qualification.

      Try to manage your work and training commitments as best as you can and complete them within the timeframe agreed between yourself, your assessor and employer. As a reminder, trainees are required to achieve at least 10 credits per calendar year (where they are enrolled for more than 90 days in the calendar year), to avoid potentially being withdrawn.

      Talk to your employer, your assessor or let Careerforce know if you need additional support, or if you have any questions or concerns which could prevent you from finishing in the agreed timeframe.

        Need support with your training?
        One way to keep motivated as we start the new year, is to check out the many supports available on the Careerforce website.

        The training support section of the website gives advice for new learners to help get you started, and for those already on your learning journey, to help you stay engaged and keep motivated throughout.

        Check your progress at any time via iportal. You can view and download your training schedule report (which summarises your progress). You'll be able to see which credits you’ve completed and which you are yet to complete.
        We’re here to help you succeed!

          Dyslexia no barrier to success for diversional therapy apprentice
          Support worker Joanne Hood is overcoming the challenges of dyslexia to succeed as a diversional therapist and bring joy to people’s lives.
          Joanne lives with Irlen Syndrome, a particular type of dyslexia, where the brain is unable to properly process visual information, because of sensitivity to certain wavelengths of light. She quit school early after being told by some of her teachers that she was dumb and would never get anywhere. Her dyslexia was not picked up until much later.

          With support from her employer Alzheimers Manawatu, and Careerforce, Joanne is now completing a New Zealand Apprenticeship, to become a qualified diversional therapist. Read her full story..
          Joanne Hood
          Understanding Dyslexia
          Dyslexia is an applied neurodiversity that is not considered a health condition.  It affects language processing and can lead to difficulty with reading and writing.  However, people with dyslexia often show real strength in big picture skills like problem solving, creativity, and thinking outside the box.  They also tend to be very observant and have high levels of empathy.

          For a list of famous people who are high-achievers in their fields, who also happen to be dyslexic, have a look at this website:

          With good support and encouragement, dyslexic adults can do well in programmes of study.  This year we will be running sessions on dyslexia awareness for our assessors so that they can better support trainees with dyslexia.  

          For more information on dyslexia, here are some helpful websites:
          • Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand - here
          • Ako Aotearoa - here
          • SPELD NZ - here

          If you want to know what additional supports are available for someone with dyslexia, please contact us.
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          Win a copy of Dave Letele's 'No Excuses' plus a $50 grocery voucher
          Dave Letele has been in the media recently for the fantastic work he is doing supporting the flood victims in the Auckland region. More information about his organisation is available here

          Dave's life has taken him from crime to community, footy to failure, riches to rags (and back again), and from fat to fit.  Dave says, "I've been at the bottom and the top, and everything in between...if I can do it, you can."   For the second month, we're giving away three copies of his book
          'No Excuses'.  
          Simply answer three easy questions related to your learning activity by 23 February 2023. You'll go in the draw to win 1 of 3 copies of No Excuses plus a $50 grocery voucher. Follow the link below.

          We'll contact the winners via email, so don't forget to provide your email address at the end of the quiz.
          Enter Quiz:

          Congratulations to Alison Strachan, Luke McCutcheon, and Kissie Sobretodo who are the lucky winners of Dave's book from the November issue.
          Please check your spam/junk folder
          Sometimes our emails can fall into your spam or junk folders, especially some of our automatic 'system generated emails'. e.g. emails confirming your login to iportal. If you are waiting for an email, please check these folders first before contacting Careerforce.
          Mum of five wins nursing scholarship
          In December 2021, we shared a story about Oamaru Hospital worker Uinita (Nita) Tapa’atoutai who with a Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing under her belt,  was completing a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation with support from Careerforce.

          Nita has since gone on to complete a Bachelor of Applied Management through Otago Polytechnic, a Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition from Auckland University online and finally Ara’s Level Four Pre Health online, gaining her entry to Ara’s Bachelor Nursing Programme.
          See how the Oamaru mum-of-five from Tonga is working hard to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse, in the recent article in the Otago Daily Times.
          Uinita (Nita) Tapa’atoutai
          Has anything changed? Let us know...
          It's important that we hold up to date contact information in order for us to connect and provide updates on your training progress. If you have recently changed home address, contact number or email address, then please let us know by submitting an email

          If you are leaving your employment or wish to withdraw from your training, then
          please let us know by completing the “Training Agreement Termination” online submission form which can be found at the Careerforce website here

          Tip: We suggest you check that all completed work has been assessed and reported by your assessor before requesting your training to be withdrawn. You can do this through iportal if you are a registered user or contact us on 0800 277 486.

          Careerforce now part of the Te Pūkenga whānau
          Te Pūkenga brings the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and the arranging training activities of certain Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) together to create a national network.

          From 2023, all Careerforce learners are now enrolled with Te Pūkenga, instead of Careerforce. It’s important to note that our services and qualifications have not changed. Support for our employers and learners continues, with the same team members you work with now, in the same ways and places you’re used to. See the video for more information
          Rōpū Taupuhipuhi Āmio
          Careerforce’s Rōpū Taupuhipuhi Āmio | National Mobile Support team provides options for kanohi-ki-te-kanohi (face-to-face) kaupapa Māori approach support through wānanga mahi and noho marae. As needed, they will provide extra support to any ākonga (learners) and ngā kaiaromatawai (assessors) in working with the mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) unit standards. If you wish to learn more, you can subscribe to Hoe Ngātahi, (the quarterly newsletter for ākonga with a Māori heritage), please email
          For more hints and tips, check out the previous newsletter issues

          Look back on previous issues of this newsletter for more ideas to help you really take charge of your training journey.  You'll also find more news stories to help keep you motivated.

          Previous issues of the trainee newsletter can be found

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          If you’re having some challenges with your training, ask your assessor or employer for some advice. If you think Careerforce can help, do get in touch with us.

          Careerforce enrolled trainees who are going through a tough time can now access a free counselling service, available throughout New Zealand, from the professional employee assistance provider Vitae.

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