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Arranging training - It's time to have your say!
Prison staff take on apprenticeships

Diversity Campaign - 10m ad impressions
Apprenticeship helps Christchurch Mum upskill

Welcome to Careerforce's July update
Kia ora

Welcome to the July edition of Skills for Good.

Our CEO – Jane Wenman, has been busy the last couple of weeks hosting ‘Transition’ roadshows and online forums. These events have provided the opportunity to ask questions and to share your opinions with us.  This will inform the direction of our transition plan to the Tertiary Education Commission.

We have a survey open until 8 August. Follow the link. We would love to hear from you.

Ngā mihi nui

Andrew Saunders
General Manager, Employer Services
Transition of 'arranging training' late 2022 It's time to have your say!
In September this year, Careerforce is required to provide the Tertiary Education Commission with a transition plan for our 'arranging workplace training' function. It is crucial for us to engage with industry to outline the three available transition options, and seek your preferences.

There are three broad transition options:
  1. Transitioning our arranging training function and our learners to Te Pūkenga, the new organisation created by the merger of the 16 Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology (Read more)
  2. Transitioning our arranging training function to Te Wānanga o Aotearoa (Read more)
  3. Careerforce registering itself as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) with NZQA and transitioning the arranging training function to the PTE. (Read more)

Visit for more information, and also to register for our last consultation engagement, an online event on Wednesday 28 July at 3pm. Careerforce Chief Executive Jane Wenman will take you through the transition options, and there will be opportunities for you to ask questions. Register now.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions with us to ensure that stakeholder views inform the direction of our transition plan.

The survey should only take you about 5 minutes to complete, and will close on Sunday 8 August 2021 at midnight. We assure you the survey is anonymous - no one will be able to link any responses to you.

Follow the link here, or use the button below to take the survey.[Programme_value]
Prison staff take on pilot apprenticeship in social and community services
Waikeria’s Careerforce apprenticeship participants with Workforce Lead Hikitia Lianne Kohere (far left) and Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor Jillena Paekau (front)
Waikeria Prison staff are making the most of a pilot programme focusing on health and wellbeing.

Fifteen custodial staff have been selected to work towards the Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing through the Careerforce Apprenticeship in Social and Community Services. The NZQA accredited qualification was developed by Careerforce in conjunction with the social services sector, and has been adapted to support the vision of Hōkai Rangi.

“This isn’t a generic, off-the-shelf training package. Careerforce worked with us to adapt their programme so it’s targeted and tailored to our needs,” says Hikitia Project Workforce Lead Lianne Kohere.

“Hōkai Rangi and mental health and addiction learning are embedded in the programme. Participants will learn about holistic models of health and wellbeing and ways to incorporate tikanga and kawa into their practice.”

You can win a morning tea worth $100 for your team! Congratulations to Lana Hansen from Ali's Home Healthcare, in Christchurch who won a morning tea from the last issue.

Simply complete three questions correctly to be in the draw to win a morning tea for your team. The quiz closes on 10 August 2021. To enter, follow the link below:

We are looking for employers to take part in the 2021 Got a Trade? Got it Made!
SpeedMeets. These events are running across 12 locations, but we are particularly seeking employers in these regions:

Tauranga/Mt Maunganui

New Plymouth
Palmerston North

SpeedMeet events are running across August and September over 12 locations across New Zealand. The events bring together employers and students from a variety of industries 'speed-dating style'. Every six minutes employers meet a secondary school student for a mini-interview. If both employer and student note they are interested, a match is made, and contact details are shared via email.

We’re inviting employers to participate who are looking for fresh new staff within the next six months, or who want to open the eyes of young people to the career options that are available to them. If you’re looking for new staff, this is an opportunity to meet talented and motivated school leavers who are ready to start a new career!

For more information, check out the 2021 Got a Trade? Got it Made! SpeedMeet factsheet.
To register, visit the Got a Trade? Got it Made! website:

If you have any questions, please email:

Workforce Diversity Campaign Ticks over 10m Ad Impressions!
This campaign, which launched in May, seeks to raise awareness of the abundant career opportunities in care and support work, and change public perceptions of these roles, in order to attract a more diverse workforce. The campaign call to action is to go to the campaign website,

We have just completed the second flight of advertising activity for the Life Changing Careers campaign, and the results are nothing short of stellar:
  • Over 10 million digital ad impressions delivered to date
  • Over 35,000 unique visitors to the campaign website
  • Website visitors – nearly 40% male, and largest users by age are 25-34 and 35-44
  • Campaign videos have been viewed nearly 4 million times. On Facebook, nearly 60% watched in full (vs benchmark of 30%)

This campaign development and launch, led by Careerforce on behalf of our sectors, was funded from the TEC’s Covid Response Fund, and funds the campaign through to September.

While campaign results are very pleasing, the journey to building in greater diversity and resilience into the workforce will take significantly longer. We need to attract new funding to keep this campaign alive beyond this initial launch, and build upon the momentum created. To support this, we would love to hear any stories or anecdotes from you, where you’re receiving more diverse applications for your vacancies (and ideally stories of actual job placements), and that evidences the campaign is working. These will greatly support our funding requests and proposals. Please send to
Literacy and Numeracy expired assessments - message from TEC
Literacy and Numeracy Paper assessments:
Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) have advised us that they are still receiving Literacy and Numeracy assessments via paper and some of these date back as far as 2018 and 2019. New Literacy and Numeracy assessments are released throughout the year, so it is important that all workplaces use the most current literacy and numeracy assessments with their learners.

We ask that you visit the Literacy and Assessment page on our website here to find the latest versions to be downloaded for all new enrolments.

Using the online assessments means you can access your trainee’s full diagnostic report immediately. However, if you prefer to use paper based assessments, this is still an option, but TEC have insisted that they still need to be the latest versions.
Social Service Apprenticeship enables Christchurch Mum to upskill
If it wasn’t for an apprenticeship, “there was absolutely no easier way I could have upskilled at this stage of my life,” says Emma McIvor, Therapeutic Care Worker for Stand Children’s Services Tu Maia Whanau in Christchurch and mother of three children under five.

Emma recently completed an Apprenticeship in Social Services with the support of Careerforce.
New unit standard for those working with young people
Mana Taiohi is a new principle-based framework that informs the way people who work with young people work.  This strategy evolved from the principles previously expressed in the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa 2002 (YDSA).

Careerforce worked alongside Ara Taiohi, the peak body for youth development, to create the unit standard and assessment based on Mana Taiohi.

32202 Describe and demonstrate the use of Mana Taiohi principles in youth work to enhance mana in a young person (Level 3, Credits: 5)

This unit standard will eventually replace 22256 Describe the principles, aims and goals of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa and will be part of the reviewed
NZ Certificate in Youth Work (Level 3) programme that is in development.

The Aka Toi learning for Mana Taiohi is based on the Ara Taiohi website here. Assessment includes both theory and practical observation of the youth worker interacting with groups of young people while upholding the principles of Mana Taiohi.

The unit standard enrolment fee is currently waived for all continuing Youth Work Level 3 trainees and for all graduates who completed in 2021.

Enrolment information
  • Open to all employed youth workers
  • Standard enrolment fee for standalone unit standard is $85
  • Use the Standalone Unit Standards Application Form here
  • Enrolment fee is waived for those currently enrolled in NZC in Youth Work
    (Level 3) and for those who have recently completed in 2021
  • More information can be found on our website here
Jobs for Good – list your vacancies now
The Workforce Diversity Campaign has been running for two months and is continuing to drive people looking for care and support work to our Jobs for Good site.  We encourage you to ensure you have your vacancies listed on this website, and leverage the eyeballs that the campaign is creating.

Remember, Jobs for Good is free, it’s easy to list vacancies, and it’s super-targeted.

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