Happy Easter, Talanoa study hubs, a new support page for Pasifika learners and more...
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Warm Pacific greetings,

Welcome to the April 2023 issue of Pacific Connect - The Careerforce newsletter for our Pacific learners. This year is flying by and it's Easter already! We'd like to wish you a Happy Easter, and hope you are able to spend this time catching up with family and friends. Remember, there's no such thing as too much chocolate...!

Talanoa study hubs are giving Pasifika learners a boost

On the very odd occasion, it might involve a dash to Costco for sushi and sandwiches or even an AA call-out on the motorway. Nonetheless, the delivery of Careerforce’s Talanoa study hubs is a team effort, bringing together Pasifika ākonga (learners) so they can connect with others in their area and receive tailored learning support from the Careerforce Pasifika team.
One Fijian graduate, Rusila Vola, said the Talanoa study hubs were the push she needed to complete her Health and Wellbeing Level 3. Rusila made it a priority to attend Careerforce’s first two Christchurch sessions. She even secured a babysitter for the day and arrived at the venue tired after working the night shift at Christchurch’s Bellevue Retirement Village.
Rusila Vola sitting with Careerforce's Laloifi Ripley during a Christchurch talanoa study hub.
“It’s such a terrific idea to hold these sessions because we can openly talk with folks from Careerforce about some of the challenges we face while attempting to finish our levels,” Rusila says.

“The staff are quite approachable and generous. They respond in such a positive way that most of us really feel motivated to finish our programmes quickly. I believe it has to do with our Pasifika identity – we just need a little push, and there we are!"

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Some snaps from our recent Talanoa study hubs.
Upcoming Talanoa study hubs
Get together with other Careerforce trainees and apprentices in your area. Share conversation and food, and get some study support from the Careerforce Pasifika team!
Our next Talanoa study hubs are scheduled for:
  • Tauranga - Tuesday 11 May (10.30am - 2.30pm)
  • Hamilton - Tuesday 18 May (10.30am - 2.30pm)
  • South Auckland - Wednesday 26 May (10.30am - 2.30pm)

Venues will be confirmed soon.
Do you want us to host a Talanoa study hub in your area? Please email us your expression of interest.
Congratulations to the following graduates from January - April 2023:
NZC in Youth Work (Level 4)
Lausei Pritchard
Viliami Lolohea

NZC in HW Advanced Support
(Level 4)

Viola Guttenbeil
Ranjani Prasad
Joan Karika
Saloa Baker
Monica Lata
Fine Tapui
Malia Savello
Sheetal Sharma

NZC in HW Advanced Support
(Level 4) (Complex Conditions)

Fine Tapui

NZA in Mental Health and Addiction Support (Level 4)
Richard Ah Loo
Talaole Vaea
Savelina Mahoni
Rutaiwaiomana Ueta
Alice Endemann
Jainendra Prasad
Arienna Aupaau
Zebonia Handyside
Romarie Elisara
NZD in Business - Leadership and Management (Level 5)
Peter Tupou
Nelufa Nisha
Reenal Dutt
Sauia Leilua-Va

NZD in Health and Wellbeing - Applied Practice (Level 5) (Disability Community Support)
Glory Tuala-Tamalelagi

NZA in Community Facilitation (Diversional Therapy)
Susana Ilalio

NZA in Community Facilitation
Sakun Sukhu-Charlton

NZA in Healthcare Assistance for Aged Care (Level 4) Complex (Complex Conditions)
Fine Tapui

NZA in HW Advanced Care and Support (Dementia and Frailty) (Level 4)
Krishma Lata

New Pasifika learner support page
Add this page to your bookmarks: Our new support page for Pasifika learners:

This page includes stories of other Pasifika learners and graduates, study tips, a schedule of our 2023 Talanoa Study Hubs and more! We'll continue adding to this page with new Talanoa dates and other important information, so keep an eye out.
Reminder: free counselling service for all Careerforce learners
Your hauora (wellbeing) is important! If you're feeling overwhelmed or not 100%, you can access free confidential counselling through our provider, Vitae.

This is a 24/7 service, where you can address issues such as:
  • Personal or study stress        
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Grief/loss
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Personal trauma
  • Addictions
Contact Vitae directly:
More information is available on the Careerforce website, including a flyer that you can download to share with others.
Get in touch!
If you need support or would like to get in touch with someone from our Pacific team, please feel free to email:

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This newsletter is all about you and how we can help support you to achieve your qualification. It’s also about celebrating success. So if you have any stories you would like to share for our next newsletter, please contact our Pacific team.

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