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Reminder: Assessments and privacy
Did you know that it is a breach of the Privacy Act for personally identifiable information to be used in assessments? The Careerforce Assessment Manual outlines that learners must not disclose real names or personal identification of any person in their assessments except to their assessor during verbal discussions.
How can we, as assessors, ensure our learners are keeping personal information private? Find out more here >
Hanging out with harakeke
At the end of March, Careerforce's Staff Assessor team got together to learn about the kawa and tikanga in cutting harakeke, how to harvest it and prepare it for weaving.
The team enjoyed catching up while learning how to weave, and created some stellar pieces.

Check out some of their photos >
    Aka Toi coaching sessions for newbies
    New to Aka Toi? The Careerforce
    e-Learning Operations team can get you up to speed through their Aka Toi coaching sessions.

    Aka Toi coaching sessions are held virtually and cover how to use (but not limited to):
    • Aka Toi
    • The Marker Table
    • My Scope
    • My trainee progress
      To book a coaching session, either click this link or just follow the steps in Aka Toi under the Help menu.
      Literacy and Numeracy: Who needs to complete literacy & numeracy assessments?
      There is growing awareness about the need for literacy support to assist with workforce training.

      Literacy and numeracy assessments allow us to get a picture of the literacy skills across your organisation so that we can provide the best support.

        So, which learners are required to complete literacy and numeracy (L&N) assessments before they start a Careerforce training programme?

        The answer is: All enrolling trainees and apprentices, unless they meet a specific set of criteria.
        Assessor Spotlight: Nicola Davies
        Meet Careerforce registered assessor, Nicola Davies.

        Nicola is a Regional Training Coordinator for CCS Disability Action and is currently supporting four trainees to complete their Health and Wellbeing Level 3 qualification.

        Get to know Nicola Davies >
        Encourage your learners to use iportal
        Have you encouraged your learners to sign up to iportal yet?

        Not only is the Careerforce Resource Library accessible via iportal, but so are your learner's training progress reports.

        Log in to iportal >
        Assessor shout-out
        We wanted to give a shout-out to Romita Prasad who is a cleaning franchise owner for Paramount Services Ltd in Auckland.

        Romita recently completed her assessor training with Careerforce Learning Engagement Advisor, Korelli Mulitalo.
        Romita's manager, Stella, presented her with a bunch of flowers and a certificate.
        We love being able to share these special moments!
        Additional unit standards available for three programmes
        At the request of the sector, Careerforce has recently added additional elective unit standards to the following programmes:

        • NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Care and Support) (Level 4) – trainee programme
        • NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Orderly Services) (Level 3)
        • NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Health Assistance) (Level 3)

        See the additional elective unit standards >
        Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions
        Need mārama (clarity) or support with any assessment practice questions? Join our weekly virtual Hono Mai sessions to connect with a Careerforce moderator.

        • Each Wednesday
        • 1 - 2pm

        Join the meeting via iportal
        You can join the meeting link by logging into iportal. Just click on the ‘Hono Mai meeting for assessors’ menu option. If you get stuck, email
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