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Welcome to the latest quarterly edition of REAL Assessor News. We hope you'll find this issue valuable to your role as an assessor. View this newsletter on our website.
Moderation in 2023
Kia ora and happy new year!
Once you have submitted your first assessment results for 2023, we’ll be contacting you to help you get your 2023 Moderation Plan in progress.

The earlier you submit your moderation, the better it is for ensuring that your assessor registration does not go on hold, or your learners’ results.
You’ll receive an email from Rick Woodward, Team Leader Assessment Operations, once we see that you’ve been active.

Assessment and Moderation Procedures Manuals

We are reviewing and expanding on our Assessment Procedures and Moderation Procedures Manuals, and you will be alerted to the publication of these revised documents. In the meantime, the current manuals are found here:

Sign up for our Assessor & Moderation Hubs
Our Assessor and Moderation Hubs are back for 2023. These face-to-face sessions provide an opportunity for you to network with other assessors, while ensuring you are performing your role at the same high standard and assessing with confidence.

See the schedule and sign up >
    New Staff Assessors and Learning Engagement Advisors
    We’ve had some newcomers to our Staff Assessor and Learning Engagement teams. We wanted to introduce them to you with some quickfire questions!

    Meet Karen Betony, Elspeth Pieterse, Loma Rodan & Aldo Wells >

    Image: Our Assessor Operations and Learning Engagement teams at a recent hui.
      Literacy and Numeracy: Keeping it clear
      This quarter, we shine a light on the excellent resources available on Immigration NZ's website, called Keeping It Clear.

      This is a comprehensive set of modules, for managers and workplace trainers, on effective communication with staff whose first language may not be English.
        The modules provide tips on keeping written and oral communication clear, short and simple. They give hints on writing in the active voice, and avoiding idioms, metaphors, and clichés. There is a whole section on typography and formatting workplace documents to ensure clarity and understanding for a new-to-New Zealand audience.
        Assessor Spotlight: Anna Gerretzen
        Meet registered Careerforce assessor, Anna Gerretzen.

        Anna manages a team of rock star cleaners at Palmerston North City Council and assesses Cleaning Levels 2 and 3 while also doing her Level 5 Diploma in Business (Leadership & Management).

        Get to know Anna Gerretzen >
        Encourage your learners to use iportal
        Have you encouraged your learners to sign up to iportal yet?

        Not only is the Careerforce Resource Library accessible via iportal, but so are your learner's training progress reports.

        Log in to iportal >
        Recent and upcoming programme updates
        There are a number of updates to various Health & Wellbeing programmes, including the following upcoming new releases:

        Health & Wellbeing (Level 3) Orderly Services Strand
        Enrolments for the latest version of the Orderly Services Strand open on Thursday 9 February 2023. The last day for enrolling in the current version is 3 February 2023. You can read our communications about these changes here.

        Health & Wellbeing (Level 3) Newborn Hearing Screening Strand
        Version 2 of the Newborn Hearing screening stand will now be released in late March 2023.

        NZ Apprenticeship in Brain Injury Rehabilitation Support (Level 4)
        As of 16 December 2022, any training agreements we receive for this programme are now being enrolled into version 2. There are some changes to the programme’s modules and you can read our communications about these changes here.
        Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions
        Need mārama (clarity) or support with any assessment practice questions? Join our weekly virtual Hono Mai sessions to connect with a Careerforce moderator.

        • Each Wednesday
        • 1 - 2pm

        Join the meeting via iportal
        You can join the meeting link by logging into iportal. Just click on the ‘Hono Mai meeting for assessors’ menu option. If you get stuck, email
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        Archive copies can be downloaded from the Careerforce website.  Follow this link and scroll down to view and download archive newsletters:

        We do appreciate all the support and guidance you give to your trainees. As usual, if have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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