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Workforce Diversity Campaign update
RoVE - Have your say

Join us at Youth in Health & Wellbeing events

Jobs for Good - remember to list your vacancies
Welcome to Careerforce's April update
Kia ora

Earlier this week, we were very pleased to formally launch our Aged Care Apprenticeships, and we’re ready to enrol apprentices now.  See below for more information about this exciting new programme.

We are also very close to launching the Workforce Diversity Campaign, planned for mid-May.  We are excited to be able to share with you the new campaign strapline: "The life you change might be your own”

But, we do need your help. We are looking for stories about those in care and support roles, who can talk about their journey and experiences and what they love about the job. This is a great opportunity to profile your organisation and your people. Please get in touch!

Ngā mihi nui

Andrew Saunders
General Manager, Employer Services
Workforce Diversity Campaign
We continue to make significant progress on the development of the workforce diversity campaign that we feel very privileged to be leading for and on behalf of our sectors. At its core, this campaign seeks to promote the abundant and rewarding care and support career opportunities available across our sectors. At this stage, we are targeting a launch on
17 May.
In the meantime, we are excited to share a bit of a campaign teaser in the form of the campaign strapline: “The life you change might be your own”. This strapline was developed in response to strong feedback from the hui we organised in February with care and support workers from within the demographics we are targeting through the campaign. What came through very clearly was that it is the intrinsic rewards that attracted them to their roles, and that continues to inspire them in their roles – they really feel like they are making a difference in the lives of others. They have found their passion.

An important element of the campaign is storytelling, and where we will be sharing inspiring stories of the relationships between our care and support workers, and those they are providing care and support for. Within this, we want to target national and regional media, and we need your help. Can you help us identify heroes in your region, that we could look to work with and pitch to your local media?

What we are after are stories about people who are in care/support roles, who can champion the cause - talking about their journey and experiences, what they love about the job, how it may have changed their life and that of the people they care for and the opportunities available. We’re particularly keen on story prospects around care and support workers who are from within the demographic that will appeal to our target audience and showcase diversity in action. Please email us at with any story tips, and we’ll do the rest – this is a great opportunity to profile your organisation and your people.
Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) Update – have your say at Citizen Lab
As we have outlined many times previously, work continues at pace on the implementation of RoVE, and we remain absolutely committed to sharing regular updates with you. This particularly applies to any developments that will impact upon your organisation, or where there are engagement opportunities that you need to be aware of, and where you can contribute your valuable thoughts and experiences. These reforms are a generational reform, and it is critical that the employer voice is heard throughout the implementation of the changes.
Perhaps the most significant change amongst the reforms is the creation of Te Pūkenga, which results from the merger of all 16 Polytechs and Institutes of Technology, and that will also assume the ‘arranging training’ function of many ITOs. At present, Te Pūkenga is seeking feedback via its Citizen Lab, with feedback open until Monday 26 April. A key priority for Te Pukenga is the development of its fundamental operating model – based on consultation to date, Te Pūkenga have created a range of ideas related to the services and functions which will be needed by learners and employer in the future. At the Citizen Lab, you are invited to view and comment on these ideas.
Apprenticeship in Aged Care supported by NZACA
The New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) welcomes the new apprenticeship programme. The Healthcare Assistance for Aged Care apprenticeship programme is targeted at those working with elderly people in aged residential care facilities, specialised dementia units, therapeutic programmes, community support, hospitals, primary care or hospice environments. Enrolments are now open for this programme.
Contact your Careerforce Workplace Advisor to discuss this programme.
Read the joint media release

Apprenticeship duo are transforming young lives
Left to Right: Andrew Rahipere, Kailash Devan
(Careerforce) and Raymond McPherson
Addictions, substance abuse, domestic violence, gang and social issues, are just some of the challenging issues that Andrew Rahipere and Raymond Mcpherson face every single day.

The Mahitahi Trust Community Support Workers have become shining lights for young people during their darkest days as they walk alongside them on their road to wellness.
Thanks to the Careerforce supported apprenticeship, and commitment from employer Mahitahi Trust, the duo have been able to embark on their own challenging journey, as they support the wellbeing of others. Both have successfully graduated with a New Zealand Apprenticeship in Mental Health and Addiction.

“When I first learnt the role was about mental health, I wanted to quit in the first week,” says Andrew. “I had thought the job was ‘social worker’ and that was something I wanted to train to be. I was left with two options: do I want a comfortable job or an uncomfortable job?  I soon learnt that this was where I needed to be.”  Andrew has now been at the Trust for over two years.
You can win a morning tea worth $100 for your team! Congratulations to Andrea De Leon from Queen Rose Retirement Home in Dunedin, who won a morning tea from the last issue.

Simply complete three questions correctly to be in the draw to win a morning tea for your team. The quiz closes on 14 May 2021. To enter, follow the link below:
Join us at the Youth in Health and Wellbeing Careers Events
Our youth events are fast approaching. We have received a great response from schools with some locations getting to maximum attendance already.
We do still need some employers to get on board to help us share the exciting career pathways and opportunities across the health and wellbeing sectors. If you are an employer passionate about connecting with young people, please contact our Vocational Pathways Advisors by emailing:
In addition to our other locations, we particularly welcome employers to join us in the following event locations:
  • Tauranga – 20 May
  • Gisborne – 18 May
  • Dunedin – 18 May
  • Invercargill – 20 May
  • Christchurch – 25 May
  • Timaru – 27 May
  • Nelson – 2 June
Funding to help support your business
Employers may qualify for the Apprenticeship Boost which provides a wage subsidy for new and existing apprentices in their first two years of training, encouraging employers to retain their current apprentices, and to take on new apprentices.

The scheme gives $1,000/month to qualifying employers for first year apprentices, and $500 per month for second year apprentices for a maximum period of 20 months. Employers can receive up to a maximum of $16,000 for each apprentice they employ. 'Read More' to learn about Apprenticeship Boost.
'Help' for assessors and trainees
Did you know that at the top of almost every page in Aka Toi, there is a Help menu to support assessors and trainees? Assessors can access both the Assessor and Trainee options.

Within each menu is a section for Frequently asked questions (FAQs). These can be searched by a key word, using the alphabet menu, or browse by category.

Below the FAQs is where the Quick reference guides can be found. Generally, the guides are downloadable and printable PDF documents, but there are also a few videos. Most of the guides provide pictures and detail on the ‘how’, but there are some Cheat Sheets too – these are one page quick steps for those who just need a prompt.
Soon, the Assessor help will be updated to refine the menu and include some handy resources.

If there is anything you would like included in ‘Help’ or you would like some training on using Aka Toi, please call 0800 277 486 and ask for the Aka Toi team.
Check out our digital channels and keep up to date with Careerforce
Remember you can keep up to date with what's happening at Careerforce through our Facebook page LinkedIn, YouTube and our Website.
Training Agreement - latest version
From time to time we update the Training Agreement to use for newly enrolled trainees. In March we made some changes to the agreement which related to Privacy, Apprenticeship Boost and TTAF fees.  Because of these changes, we ask that workplaces remember to use the latest Training Agreement from the Careerforce website. Up to date forms like this one can always be accessed and downloaded from the forms page on the website here

We also ask that Training Agreements are completed fully with the correct ID, to avoid them being returned.
Please note that Careerforce will no longer be accepting old versions of the Training Agreement from 1 May 2021.
Your assessor's responsibilities
To help your learners keep motivated and maintain progress with their training, it is important that assessments are marked within 10 working days of being submitted to an assessor.  The trainee should receive feedback within 5 working days of the marking being completed.

We ask that you remind your assessors about the assessment guidelines and help to reinforce the importance of a quick turnaround of assessments.

Please remember that trainee progress reports can be accessed via iportal and data will be current on the day these reports are run.
Jobs for Good – list your vacancies now
As highlighted last month, the primary call to action for the workforce diversity campaign will be to go to a campaign landing page/site, at which people will be able to find all the relevant information about why they should consider care and support roles, but also importantly, to find out about the many roles available right now.
This will include an encouragement to check out our Jobs for Good site for many current vacancies across the country, across our sectors. We encourage you to ensure you have your vacancies listed on Jobs for Good, and leverage the eyeballs that the campaign will be creating. Remember, Jobs for Good is free, it’s easy to list vacancies, and it’s super-targeted.
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