Case worker upskills to support Auckland’s homeless, send us your shout-outs, South Island road show and more...
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Kia orana and warm Pacific greetings,

Happy Cook Islands Language Week and welcome to the August 2023 issue of Pacific Connect - The Careerforce newsletter for our Pacific learners.
Case worker upskills to support Auckland's homeless
Housing case worker, Willie Tiuli proudly supports people to find a home, keep a home, and live well.

Though he left school with no thoughts of studying again, Willie has now completed a New Zealand Apprenticeship in Mental Health and Addiction Support, so that he can better support people experiencing homelessness.

“Although, I didn’t see myself studying after school, I had a real desire to do something to help people,” says Willie.

“An opportunity arose where I could both study and work in a job with purpose. LinkPeople (my employer) offered me the apprenticeship and with the incentive of a pay rise.

“Studying was a new experience for me, and an opportunity that I just had to take.”

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(Willie also attended our very first Talanoa study hub in Auckland. You can sign up to a Talanoa study hub below).
South Island Talanoa Road Show!
The Careerforce Pacific team is hitting the South Island in September for a series of Talanoa study hubs.

Get together with other Careerforce trainees and apprentices, share conversation and food, and gain some study support from the Careerforce Pasifika team!
All study hubs are from 10am - 2pm:
Christchurch, Monday 11 September at Ara city campus in room TM215

Ashburton, Tuesday 12 September at Ara Ashburton campus in room AS101

Oamaru, Wednesday 13 September at Pacific Island Community Group Inc (22 - 26 Ribble Street)

Dunedin, Thursday 14 September at Pacific Trust Otago (350 South Road, Caversham)

Invercargill, Friday 15 September at SIT campus in room B2-20 (133 Tay Street)
Talanoa Study Hubs in Hamilton and Auckland
If you're based in Hamilton or Auckland, you can sign up to one of these study hubs:
> Hamilton, Thursday 31 August at Aspire Community Support (103 Tawa Street, Melville) from 11am - 2pm

> South Auckland, Friday 8 September at Manukau Institute of Technology
(53 Otara Road, Otara) from 10am - 2pm

Do you want us to host a Talanoa study hub in your area? Please email us your expression of interest.
Congratulations to the following Level 4 graduates from May - July 2023:
NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support)
Imeri Qasevakatini
Polosapina Luani
Nikita Veeran

NZ Apprenticeship in Social Services
Losaline Taufa

NZ Apprenticeship in Brain Injury Rehabilitation Support
Kolisa Koveu

NZ Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation (Disability Support)
Tali Naucabalavu

NZ Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation (Diversional Therapy)
Pipiena Peauafi
Capetu Chand

NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Care and Support)
Malia Foliaki

NZ Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation
Leah Ward
Tania Cuthers
Mary Houlihan
Seletar Lavini
Dorophy Siitia

NZ Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation (Youth Work)
Bien Vineda Chapman
Isileli Ula
Violetti Maanaima
Jonathan Sa'u
Mark Ahsin
Atunaisa Moli
Regina Sheck

NZ Apprenticeship in Mental Health and Addiction Support
Lueana Pahi
Bruce Elliott-James
Romi Ropati
Lusiana Kunavue
Arnolf Vaasili

Send us your shout-outs for your chance to win!
Got a story you want to share with us about your learning journey? Or maybe you've had a positive experience with a Careerforce advisor... We want to hear your stories and shout-outs!

Send us your shout-outs and you could be in to win a copy of Dave Letele's book, 'No Excuses'!
Types of shout-outs & stories we're looking for:
  • Acknowledging a workplace, Careerforce advisor or assessor who's supported you with your studies.
  • Acknowledging a colleague who has worked hard to achieve their qualification.
  • Or if you just want to let us know about a positive experience you've had with your studies.

About Dave Letele's 'No Excuses'
Dave Letele's incredible life has taken him from footy to failure, crime to community, fat to fit and riches to rags - and back again. Plus, he is now fronting a three-part TV series called Heavyweight, which starts this Thursday, 3 August on TVNZ 2.

Pasifika learner support page
Add this page to your bookmarks: Our new support page for Pasifika learners:

This page includes stories of other Pasifika learners and graduates, study tips, a schedule of our 2023 Talanoa Study Hubs and more! We'll continue adding to this page with new Talanoa dates and other important information, so keep an eye out.
Reach out to your Pacific team...

If you need support or would like to get in touch with someone from our Pacific team, you can contact us via:
0800 277 486
Laloifi Ripley (Pacific Lead) and Miriama Fetu (Pacific Coordinator)

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