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We hope you'll find this issue valuable as an apprentice:
  • Nail that Assessment: 'Be Your Own Friend'
  • Win one of three prizes
  • Plagiarism or copying - How to avoid it
  • Have a question, need motivation? Join the Facebook Group
  • 'How to answer assessment questions' and other resources
  • Tracking your progress on Aka Toi is now easier
Welcome... your first issue of Apprenticeship Journey for 2022.

In this issue and as we always endeavour to do, we’re sharing some great resources that will support you on your learning journey. To help support your own wellbeing, especially in these challenging times, we've included a link to sessions offered by Changing Minds.  Remember to look after yourself!  We've also included a link to some short bite-sized  'Learning to Learn' resources developed by Careerforce to support you in your study.

Check out 'Canvas', a short
film about hope, loss and the power of family. Scroll down to see a trailer.

We would also like to remind you that it's really important to only submit one task within a module for marking at a time. Feel free to work on other tasks, but please don’t submit these until the first task has been assessed. Thank you.

Lastly, don’t forget to take the quiz for your chance to win 1 of 3 $50 grocery vouchers.


Nail that Assessment
Nailing that Assessment is a regular section in our newsletters designed to help you do just that, nail that assessment.

APP108: Be your own friend

This module is about undertaking self-care. Self-care means activities and practices that reduce stress and maintain or enhance health and wellbeing. As part of your assessment, you will be asked to identify self-care strategies to implement over a number of weeks. You also need to provide evidence that you are implementing these strategies.

Think about choosing self-care strategies or activities that you are going to benefit from the most. This may just be an assessment, but these strategies will be great for you to carry on using, and develop into great habits for your own health and wellbeing.  You may find the resources below provided by Changing Minds to be especially valuable.

We’d like to share the great wellbeing resources provided by Changing Minds, supported by the Ministry of Health. Whakatau Mai, The Wellbeing Sessions and resources help to safely support your wellbeing from the comfort of your own space. These free on-demand videos and other resources will be valuable to all apprentices and especially those of you working through ‘Be Your Own Friend’.

Here is an example of some of the types of sessions:

Changing Minds is a national not-for-profit organisation operated by people who have navigated their own lived experience journey through mental health and addiction.
Win one of three prizes!
Congratulations to our winners from the last Apprenticeship newsletter.
  1. Hita Neho from Waihopai Runaka
  2. Samantha Cameron from Presbyterian Support East Coast
  3. Kirsten Warner from Higher Ground

This time it could be your turn to win 1 of 3 $50 grocery vouchers. Just answer three easy questions to be in the draw by 15 March 2022. Complete the quiz now!

Plagiarism or copying
Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s work as your own. In assessments, this might be answers that have been copied in part, or in full, from the learning material or from other people’s work e.g. colleagues who have previously completed the same modules/assessments.

Careerforce doesn’t allow plagiarism or copying. Copying answers doesn’t demonstrate knowledge or understanding and isn’t valid or authentic evidence.

In recent times, we’ve noticed an increase in plagiarism by some of our learners.  In order for assessments to be authentic the apprentice must show their own knowledge and skills.

A great way to avoid plagiarism is by providing your own examples.  In doing this, you will clearly show your understanding of the subject.
Have a question, need some motivation?
Why not join the Facebook Apprenticeship Group?
The image above is a small collection of posts from the Facebook Group.
Do you have a question or need some motivation? Connect with other apprentices on the Careerforce Apprenticeship Facebook Group.

With over 700 members on similar training journeys, you can receive and offer advice, ask questions and motivate fellow apprentices. Whether you’re looking for a study buddy, need help with a module or just want to share some good news, check out the private Facebook Group just for Careerforce apprentices.
How to answer assessment questions
We’ve developed a series of valuable learning resources to support you in your learning and study. These resources will help make your training journey more effective and successful.

Do you need help understanding the questions?  In How to answer assessment questions, you'll learn how to break down an assessment question. Find out how to plan your answer.  Learn how to use punctuation to break your answers into short sentences. Learn about using technology for answering assessments and more. Click the box below to open the learning resource.
This is just one example of the great resources we've developed.  More resources are available here on the Learning to Learn web page.

We'll be adding to these over time, so we encourage you to regularly visit this webpage.
Tracking your progress on Aka Toi is now easier!
Using Aka Toi (our online learning and assessment portal), you’re now able to track your training progress easier than before!

Trainees have told us that they want an easier way to see which of their tasks have been submitted and, of those, which have been marked. So, we’ve added a new option to your Aka Toi dashboards called My Submission Status.
If you follow the My Submission Status dashboard from the homepage, you’ll get to see the status of each of the assessment tasks you have submitted.

You can navigate across each of the tabs from UNMARKED, MARKING, and MARKED. You’ll then see the module name, task name and date that it’s been marked.

You won’t be able to see if a task has been achieved - to see this, you’ll still need to go into the module and review the feedback and marks for the task.

Recommended for watching
Canvas is a short film about hope, loss and the power of family from the mind of animator Frank E. Abney III.

After a heart-breaking loss, a grandfather struggling to reclaim his passion for painting finds the inspiration again. It's animated, silent and gorgeous. You can see the trailer here, or click on the image. The full video is available on Netflix.

Stay Connected
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