Newsletter for learners  |  May 2024
In this issue:
  • Fresh new look for Careerforce
  • Careerforce Manaaki Fund to help support learner success
  • When you started your training programme, how well did we do? Be in to win 1 of 3 grocery vouchers
  • Graduation lifts morale, confidence and pride for Pacific learners
  • Recognising our youth workers, youth service providers and others
  • Consequences of academic dishonesty
  • Free study sessions to help you progress your learning
  • Need support with your training?
  • Completing your training programme and receiving your qualification
  • Free counselling for all Careerforce learners
  • New accessibility tool on e-learning platform a success
  • Closure of Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) version 1 programmes
  • Where to from here? Is an apprenticeship the next step for you?
Fresh new look for Careerforce
You may have noticed a fresh new look for Careerforce in this newsletter. If you follow the news, you will know that Te Pūkenga is in the process of being disestablished. While we still legally remain a business division of Te Pūkenga for the time being, we are moving back to operating as individual and single branded business divisions. While our future state remains unknown at this stage, this brand refresh signals that we continue to look forwards with confidence and optimism.
For us at Careerforce, this brand refresh, and particularly the introduction of the koru brand mark, marks the next stage in our journey as an organisation. In Māori culture, the koru is an important symbol of regrowth or new beginnings.
Its inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin, and symbolises the way in which life both changes and stays the same. This is very apt for Careerforce, as while we continue to go through organisational change, we remain committed to passionately supporting work-based learning across the health and wellbeing sectors, just as we have in the past, and just as we will continue to do into the future. Our employers and ākonga are at the heart of everything we do.
Careerforce Manaaki Fund to help support learner success
Your wellbeing is important to us.

Here's a reminder about the Careerforce Manaaki Fund designed to provide temporary financial assistance to learners facing unexpected hardship that is impacting upon their studies.

Applications for round 2 of the Manaaki Fund are open now, and close 15 May 2024
Applicants will be notified by 31 May 2024
Dates are subject to change.

Successful applicants will receive a one-off payment of $400 to help with alleviating financial barriers. To apply for the funding, you need to complete the application form here.

    To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a Careerforce programme and meet all the relevant criteria. For more information, please refer to our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

    You will be notified of the outcome of your application within two weeks of the fund closing date.
    Recipients of the Manaaki fund will be asked to provide feedback to Careerforce to enable us to measure the impact of this funding.

    Please note that online applications only are accepted. If you require any assistance to complete the application, we are happy to help. Please contact us at or on 0800 277 486 (and ask for the Manaaki Fund Team).

    "Stay motivated and focused. Get in touch with your assessor if you are struggling."
    Tip from a Careerforce learner
    When you started your training programme, how well did we do? Be in to win 1 of 3 $50 grocery vouchers
    When you began your studies with Careerforce, what did we do well, and what could we have done better?  What did you find hard or perhaps not understand? We're keen to find out what improvements we can make to help new learners as they begin their training journey with us.

    We're giving away three $50 grocery vouchers.
    Simply complete the quick survey to help us improve our learner onboarding. Complete the survey by 24 May 2024 and go into the draw to win 1 of 3 grocery vouchers.

    Follow the link to enter the quick survey:

    Graduation was electric! Lifting morale, confidence and pride for Pacific learners
    Pacific graduates recently danced the night away at a colourful celebration of success. Fifty-four Careerforce Pacific learners were filled with pride as they graduated with their NZQA recognised qualifications at Manukau’s MIT Theatre.

    Graduates from the Northern region had completed a range of Health and Wellbeing programmes from Level 2 certificates to Level 5 diplomas, some graduating with multiple qualifications.

    The ‘Pacific Celebration of Success’ was designed to recognise these graduate achievements, amongst proud family members, employers and work colleagues.

    Careerforce Pacific Lead, Laloifi Ripley, says, “The atmosphere in the auditorium was electric. This is something I have visualised for a while, and it was great to see it come to life. For a lot of our Pacific people, they work in these roles to support their families, to put food on the table and to provide. Often the thought of gaining a qualification never crosses their mind.

    “To be given an opportunity to undertake training, while still earning and to be supported by their employer gives them hope. Providing a space for them to then celebrate their success with their loved ones makes them proud, feel worthy and gives them an appetite for more learning and more success.”
    To find out more, see the short video highlights of the event, and read the full story below.
    Recognising our youth workers, youth service providers and others working with young people
    Youth Week aims to amplify young people’s valuable contributions to their communities. It's a nationwide festival of events organised by young New Zealanders to celebrate the talents, passion and success of local young people.

    Events are designed to encourage young people to take on challenges, share ideas and focus on the positive aspects of being young.
    This year's Youth Week runs from 20 - 26 May. The theme is, "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

    Each year, Careerforce supports many learners to complete youth work specific training programmes from a Level 3 certificate through to a Level 5 diploma. We'd like to take this opportunity to recognise these learners, who may include
    youth workers, youth service providers and others working with and for young people.
    Consequences of academic dishonesty
    We’re seeing more and more instances of academic dishonesty in learner’s assessments, and it appears that a small minority of our learners don’t think the rules apply to them. These learners may have presented evidence gathered from another learner’s previously submitted work or from online resources - including generative AI, or from other sources.

    Careerforce takes academic dishonesty seriously.  We have an important role in ensuring the integrity of our programmes and qualifications. Equally, your employer needs to know that you are skilled and competent to do your job, and your clients need to know they are being properly looked after.

    When examples of academic dishonesty have been detected, there are consequences. In some cases we have had to remove unit standards from a learner’s NZQA record of achievement and the learner is required to re-submit new assessment evidence for their assessments for marking. If a qualification has been awarded and unit standards are removed from the NZQA record of achievement, the qualification will also be removed. If continued academic dishonesty is detected, the learner’s training agreement may be terminated. All of these consequences can have impacts on the relationship between the learner and the employer.

    All assessment work completed must be your own and must be produced without assistance from other trainees or other sources. You may find the following resource helpful: Your original words. Where you have used the ideas of other authors, you need to acknowledge all the sources. Learners are reminded that their training agreement requires compliance with The Educational Regulatory Framework of Te Pūkenga: Te Kawa Maiorooro.

    Remember, there are lots of supports available. If you are struggling with any of your assessments, or with literacy, please talk to your manager or assessor. You can also attend one of our free study workshops across the country, or contact us at Careerforce.

    Please know that we are here to help you become skilled, competent and to succeed!
    Free study sessions to help progress your learning
    Would you like some extra support with your training programme? Our Achieve Study Hubs are face-to-face sessions where you can drop in, ask questions, meet with other learners, and receive help with your learning.

    Our Achieve Study Hubs are scheduled across the country. Learners are also welcome to attend sessions outside your area. See the full schedule on our website.

    Study support options for Māori and Pasifika

    If you identify as either Māori or Pasifika, we also have study support resources and face-to-face study options available including wānanga, noho marae and talanoa events. See our Māori support page and our Pasifika support page.

    You can RSVP by completing the online form on our website.
      Need support with your training?
      It's really important to keep progressing with your training. If you don't continually submit assessments for marking, you may be withdrawn from your programme. 

      Each programme has an expected duration, which is a guide to help you plan your training journey. Your training schedule shows you what unit standards you are enrolled in, so use that to help plan a target completion date for each unit.  

      You can check your progress at any time via iportal, where you can view and download your training schedule report (which summarises your progress). You'll be able to see which credits you’ve completed and which you are yet to complete.

        One way to keep motivated is to check out the many supports available on the Careerforce website. The training support section of the website gives advice for new learners to help get you started, and for those already on your learning journey, to help you stay engaged and keep motivated throughout.

        Contact your assessor or call us on 0800 277 486 if you’re not sure how to get started.  
        We’re here to help you succeed!
          "schedule time in every week that is solely dedicated to Careerforce training."
          Tip from a Careerforce learner
          Completing your training programme and receiving your qualification
          As a learner, it's an exciting feeling knowing you are close to, or have completed all the work to achieve your qualification.

          Here are the steps in the process towards receiving your certificate and being rewarded for all your hard work!

          • Your assessor must report your completed assessment(s) to Careerforce.
          • Careerforce will submit these to NZQA for credit registration (this is completed weekly, each Monday).
          • NZQA will verify and award the qualification on your 'Record of Achievement'.
          • Your certificate is issued and dispatched to your workplace.

          Please note this process can take up to 10 working days to be completed.

          For learners using paper based assessments, please keep copies of your completed work for your own record keeping.

          Free counselling for all Careerforce learners
          Careerforce enrolled learners who are going through a tough time can access a free counselling service, available throughout New Zealand, from the professional employee assistance provider Vitae.

          New accessibility tool on e-learning platform a success
          The new accessibility tool on our e-learning platform to better support our disabled learners has been given the thumbs up. The team managing Careerforce’s e-learning and assessment platform Aka Toi, completed a site accessibility audit to get a better understanding of where they could make improvements and ensure the platform was user friendly for all.
          As part of this ongoing work, we introduced the UserWay Accessibility widget on Aka Toi. The widget has a range of tools to help better support users with digital accessibility needs, including easily increasing font sizes, activating dyslexia friendly fonts, adding contrast to the page and more.

          Not everyone thinks of themselves as having a disability, but everyone appreciates being able to customize a site’s font size and pause animations if they are distracting. Putting users in control of how they interact with a website increases the amount of time they spend there.
          Reminder: Closure of Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) version 1 programmes
          Following the extension of the Last Date of Assessment (LDA) for the Health and Wellbeing Level 3 version 1 qualification, Careerforce will be accepting assessments from learners up until 31 May 2024 for the following programmes:
          • Health Assistance (version 1)
          • Support Work (version 1)
          • Orderly Services (version 1)
          • Newborn Hearing Screening (version 1)
          • Dental Assistance (version 1)

          After 31 May 2024, any learners who have not completed all of the required unit standards for their qualification will be transferred to the version 2 programmes starting July.

          If you have any queries about the closure of version 1 programmes, or transferring to version 2 programmes, please contact your assessor and/or your employer. Your Careerforce Workplace Advisor will also be able to provide guidance.
          "Break it down into bite sized pieces and just focus on one bite at a time."
          Tip from a Careerforce learner
          Where to from here?
          Is an apprenticeship the next step for you?
          Have you considered what you'd like to do when you finish your current programme?  Are you keen to broaden your knowledge via further work-based learning programmes?

          For those of you coming to the end of your Level 3 programme, this is a good time to consider if a level 4 apprenticeship is the next step for you.
          Your employer may be able to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Boost wage subsidy, which means the full enrolment cost of each apprenticeship can be offset in just four months.

          Interested? Talk to your manager about what you'd like to do next or
          get in touch with us for more information.
          For more hints and tips, check out the previous newsletters

          Look back on previous issues of this newsletter for more ideas to help you really take charge of your training journey.  You'll also find more news stories to help keep you motivated.

          Previous issues of the trainee newsletter can be found

          Feedback and Contact us
          Keep up-to-date, and read more inspirational stories about your fellow Careerforce trainees, follow or like us on Facebook

          If you’re having some challenges with your training, ask your assessor or employer for some advice. If you think Careerforce can help, do get in touch with us.

          Has anything changed? It's important that we hold up to date contact information in order for us to connect and provide updates on your training progress. If you have recently changed home address, contact number or email address, then please let us know by sending an email to

          Are you leaving your employment or wish to withdraw from your training? Please let us know by completing the “Training Agreement Termination” online submission form which can be found on the Careerforce website here

          Tip: We suggest you check that all completed work has been assessed and reported by your assessor before requesting your training to be withdrawn. You can do this through iportal if you are a registered user or contact us on 0800 277 486.
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