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Annual employer survey - results are in Careerforce annual report shows growth
Your go-to place for literacy and numeracy

Meet potential new staff at SpeedMeet
A message from Andrew Saunders
Kia ora koutou

I hope this finds you and your teams wintering well!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Employer Survey, it has provided us with valuable information to enhance the on-job-training experience you have with Careerforce.  In this issue, you may be interested in the Careerforce Annual Report which sports a different look and feel this year or the literacy & numeracy support available in Canterbury.

Finally, congratulations to Waihi Lodge in Geraldine – who were the winners of last month’s morning tea shout. It should be a great occasion for staff and residents!

As this is Matariki (the Māori New Year), we wish you
Ngā mihi o te wā Matariki

Ngā mihi nui
Andrew Saunders
General Manager Employer Services

Annual employer survey - the results are in!
As promised in our last newsletter, we are pleased to share our final 2018 employer survey report. This is an annual piece of research, and followed on from the inaugural survey in 2017. Its purpose is to understand the challenges you are facing, so that Careerforce can help you address these challenges and identify areas for improvement.  

We had a 75% increase in completions for this survey, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing your thoughts and feedback. We have spent significant time analysing the results and feedback provided to identify the key areas where we can improve, and identified a number of action points – these are all detailed within the report.

We encourage you to review this report, and welcome any additional observations you wish to make – just email us at
Click Read More to view the full report.
2018 annual report shows growth for Careerforce
We released the 2018 Careerforce annual report at the AGM in June. CEO Jane Wenman commented that “2018 was another very successful year for Careerforce with standard training measure (STM) growth of 11%, following on from 24% growth over 2017”.

“Many of the sectors for which Careerforce provides support are continuing to face significant workforce shortages, and this is undoubtedly contributing to our growth, as employers seek to upskill their workforces through on-the-job training.”
Other key highlights from the annual report included:
  • Growth in worksites supported up 23% to 1,782, and up 80% from 2014
  • Learners grew to 19,125, up 5% on 2017, and up 37% on 2014
  • Total current apprenticeships up 85% to 2,062
  • Revenue growth of 14% to $22.9m for 2018
At the AGM, Fiona Pimm was elected as Careerforce’s new Board Chair, replacing Richard Westlake who was standing down after 9 years. Pimm was elected to the Board in 2012, and has been Deputy Chair since 2016. She has extensive experience in health management and governance.

Fiona acknowledged Westlake’s superb stewardship across his tenure, “Richard has been an outstanding Chair, guiding Careerforce through a period of significant growth, and providing exceptional governance. We thank Richard for his contribution, and I hope to continue his legacy of growth in my tenure as Chair.”
Review of Vocational Education (RoVE) Update
Over 2900 submissions were made as part of the formal consultation process, highlighting the strength of reaction to the Ministers proposed reforms.

It had been our expectation that the Minister would be tabling a paper at Cabinet late June, to seek agreement to his recommendations. However, it is now our understanding that the Cabinet paper is still being finalised, and that this is now expected to go to Cabinet mid-July.

In the meantime, we can’t emphasise enough that it is business as usual for us and needs to be for you and your respective workforce’s as well. It is beholden upon all of us to ensure that any reform processes do not exacerbate the workforce challenges many of you are currently facing. We again provide our absolute assurance that, regardless of reform outcomes, any current or new trainees or apprentices will continue to receive support, and be able to complete their training programme and be awarded their New Zealand qualification.
Win a morning tea worth $100 for your team
Enter this quick quiz for the opportunity to win. All correct winning entries received before 10 July 2019 will go in the draw to win. Good Luck! Winner will be notified by email or phone. Follow the link to enter:

Congratulations to winner of last month's quiz, Kim Harris, Manager at Waihi Lodge in Geraldine.  Kim wins a morning tea worth $100.
Apprenticeship that made a difference
Mark Watson, a Community Support Worker by trade, loves being at the front line in providing care and support to people with physical or neurological impairments.

“As a Community Support Worker I’m not here to do things for them.  I’m here to enable them to reach their full potential. Seeing people develop, improve, become independent. It’s a really amazing feeling.”

Mark works for Laura Fergusson Trust in Wellington. See the video or read his story here.
Your go-to place for understanding workplace literacy and numeracy
In our annual employer survey, employers outlined a number of issues and challenges, with literacy and numeracy coming through very prominently. We are committed to supporting our employers as much as possible, and are introducing a regular Literacy and Numeracy spot within each of these newsletters, with the intention of sharing tips and case studies. We hope you find them valuable.

In this first instalment, we introduce Skills Highway, your go-to place for understanding workplace literacy & numeracy.
Skills Highway is an employer’s go-to website for understanding workplace literacy and numeracy and how it links to business performance.  The case studies showcase a wide range of New Zealand businesses of all sizes, and how they have achieved significant business benefits from embedding literacy and numeracy upskilling into their workplace training.  They outline why it’s worth the investment of time and effort to address these skill gaps in your workforce.   There are currently four case studies in the health and community services sector: Lifewise Homecare Services, Canterbury District Health Board, Pacific Homecare, and Cargill Enterprises:

The resources section includes easy-read versions of the Adult Learning Progressions that give you an idea of staff literacy or numeracy ability at each “step” on the progressions: .

The Skills Highway Team also administer the Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund.  Unfortunately this fund has been fully allocated for 2019 but the assessment panel are still meeting monthly to consider applications for the 2020 allocation (approximately $6 million). So if you are starting to plan for next year’s learning and development, now might be the time to investigate this fund.  Contact Nicky Murray, Skills Highway Manager, 04 8943190, 027 562 5093, for an overview of how the fund works.

Literacy and Numeracy provision in Canterbury:
The Skills Highway Team wishes to alert Canterbury employers that two providers in this area still have places for literacy and numeracy support.  If you have staff who would benefit from this free tuition please contact either Joanna or Gill:

Joanna Fox (Manager)
Hagley’s Adult Literacy Centre
03 379 1916 / 027 283 8538

Gill Taylor (Manager)
English Language Partners
03 377 3141
Qualification Pathways Review - update
Cleaning review – Online consultation open
We invite you to provide your feedback on the review of the New Zealand Certificate in Cleaning Level 2 with optional endorsement in Health Care Facilities Cleaning, New Zealand Certificate in Cleaning L3 with optional strands in Specialist Cleaning and Supervision. Online consultation is now open. Consultation closes on 8 July.
Link to consultation and more information on the website here
Health and Wellbeing review – Submitted to NZQA
The revised qualification documents are now with NZQA. We are awaiting feedback on the submission.

Youth Work review – Submitted to NZQA
The revised qualification documents are now with NZQA. We are awaiting feedback.

Rehab Support review – Consultation planning
We are now preparing for the consultation phase to review the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Rehabilitation Support) Level 4 with strands in Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Impairment, and Chronic Illness. If you wish to be part of the consultation, please email

Skills for Living review – Consultation planning
We are now gathering information in preparation for the review of the New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners Level 1. Schedule of consultation is coming soon.

Hearing Therapy L6 & Vision Rehab Level 7 – Initial planning
We are in the planning phase to review the NZ Diploma in Hearing Therapy Level 6 and the New Zealand Diploma in Vision Habilitation and Rehabilitation Level 7. If you wish to be part of the consultation, please email

More qualifications are to be scheduled for review soon.  Visit the Careerforce website for more information about the Qualification Pathway Review.
Recognise your staff and motivate them to keep training with an honours board
The Careerforce honours board reflects the training programmes or qualifications completed by each employee in a workplace.  Boards are usually displayed in reception areas and hallways at facilities.

Great for employers
  • Employers are seen by clients as a great service provider that ensures staff are well-trained to support them.
  • Employers are regarded by their staff as a responsible workplace that supports staff professional development and encourages staff retention and engagement.
  • Employers are viewed by potential clients as operating a professional facility with trained staff who they can trust with supporting their loved ones.

Great for staff
  • Staff gain a sense of pride as their achievements are recognised and celebrated through the honours board.
  • Staff gain confidence to progress their career through continuous training.
  • Staff gain respect by clients because they know they have qualifications.

Honours boards are purchased direct from the supplier via the Careerforce website here

Staff name plates plus qualification tags for the honours board can be obtained here
A new qualification tag for Dementia LCP Level 4 is now available.
ilearn is closing on 17 July 2019.  What this means....
On 17 July, learning resources hosted on ilearn will move across to other Careerforce platforms. We strongly encourage you to let your trainees know about these changes.

ilearn is an older Careerforce platform designed to host online learning resources. More recently Aka Toi has been developed as the main Careerforce learning and assessment tool and has much greater functionality and capability.

As we continuously review our products and the platforms we use, we have taken the decision to close ilearn and transition any remaining resources across to our other platforms.

Aka Toi now replaces ilearn as the Careerforce online learning and assessment platform.

Downloadable paper-based resources can be accessed from the Careerforce Library

Read more for details of programmes or topic areas affected.
Mental Health Support Worker Grants are now available!
This grant can assist trainees with fees, providing up to $2,000 for trainees enrolled in a New Zealand certificate and up to $2,500 per year for diploma trainees.

The Mental Health Support Worker
Training Grant is funded by the Ministry of Health to support training costs. Trainees enrolled in a certificate in Mental Health
can receive a maximum of $2,000 and diploma trainees can receive up to a maximum of $2,500. All payments are subject to availability. Read more for eligibility criteria and to download application form.
Top Tip 9: Take time to introduce the training programme and how it works
In each issue of Skills for Good, we're sharing top tips on how you can best support your employees with their training. Here is the full set of tips to date.

This month we're talking about introducing the training programme.

When you enroll staff in a Careerforce training programme, we recommend that you take time to do a programme introduction. It helps set the scene and tone for the rest of the training programme. Your Careerforce Workplace Advisor and/or Apprenticeship Advisor can support you in doing these introductions.

Eric Kneepkens, Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor for Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough shares what he would normally cover in a programme introduction for new apprentices that would also work for other Careerforce training programmes.
Work experience crystalised career ambitions for your aspiring nurse

Some people wait a long time to find out what they really want to do in life and what their passions are. Not for eighteen-year old Nanise Bulicakau, a student at Mana College in Porirua. She already knows her strengths and has started working towards her chosen pathway.

There is currently a shortage of nurses in healthcare and aged care, and Nanise’s decision to join this workforce will undoubtedly lead to many opportunities.  

Read more about Nanise’s journey and consider meeting your future workforce now by becoming a Gateway employer.
SpeedMeet potential new staff
Looking for new staff? We have an opportunity for employers to meet their future workforce. We invite you to join Got a Trade SpeedMeet 2019!

Based on the concept of speed-dating, employers meet with each person for six minutes to find out about each other. Each then notes whether they’d like to know more. Matches are then put in touch with each other after the event, and potentially job offers may be made!

Register your interest now!

Pay Equity & Qualification Equivalencies
As part of both the 2017 aged care and support pay equity settlement, and the 2018 mental health and addiction support worker settlement, workers can qualify for pay equity via either job tenure, or level of qualification.

For qualification based pay equity, support workers either need to have an actual New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Level 2-4),  or a qualification which has been assessed as equivalent to it.

Careerforce was given responsibility for determining qualification equivalence, and to date, have assessed over 7000 New Zealand and overseas qualifications.   You can find out more about the assessment process here.
In each issue of Skills for Good, we will continue to publish the latest 'Pay Equity and Qualification Equivalency' updates.  

The most recent qualification decisions are available here.  Please also check our website for all equivalency decisions.
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