Read the latest: Careerforce's transition to Te Pūkenga, dates to diary, dyslexia awareness month, get to know an assessor at Wairau Hospital and more...
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Welcome to the latest quarterly edition of REAL Assessor News. We hope you'll find this issue valuable to your role as an assessor. View this newsletter on our website.
Careerforce's transition to Te Pūkenga
On 1 September, Careerforce transitioned as a business division into Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Ltd, a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga.

Read more about the transition >

Watch a 2 min video about Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning >

Dates to Diary
As we approach the end of the year, we recommend you check out the dates and deadlines for:
    • Your annual moderation.
    • Inputting learner results.
    • Distribution of certificates.
    • Enrolments.
    • Careerforce Christmas shutdown.
    Unit standards and programmes expiring
    on 31 December 2022

    We have recommended that learners prioritise completing Health & Wellbeing (Level 3) unit standards which are due to expire, by 30 November 2022.

    Following the release of a new version of the Health & Wellbeing (Level 2) programme, we have encouraged learners enrolled in the earlier version, to complete the programme by mid November.

    Changes to some Level 2 and level 3 cleaning programmes may also impact some of your learners.  

    Read more >

      October is Dyslexia Awareness Month
      Dyslexia/neurodiversity affects around 15% of people and impacts their education, working lives and wider social interactions.

      Find out which fonts and spacings you can use to dyslexic learners with their reading. Our Learning and Engagement Advisors have a useful resource to help.

      Read more >

        Keeping an eye out for cheating
        Unfortunately, there are several online cheating services that offer learners with assessment answers, for a fee. These services may be used by learners who are seeking a shorter path to completing their qualifications.

        We've got a list of resources you can go to for help with detecting plagiarism.

        Read more >
        Assessor Spotlight: Steffi Elliott
        Meet registered Careerforce assessor, Steffi Elliott, who works at Wairau Hospital and assesses some of their Healthcare Assistants.

        Learn why Steffi enjoys being a Careerforce assessor and what she gets up to outside of work.

        Read more about Steffi Elliott >
        Assessment and Moderation Procedures Manuals
        Over the last little while we've updated and expanded on our Assessment and Moderation Procedures and Manuals.

        Check them out here:
        New assessors for NZ Diploma in Business
        Careerforce has added another two very experienced educators to our NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) assessor team.

        Get to know Neil Marwick and Becks West >
        Marking and reporting results
        Here's a quick visual reminder for the steps you need to take when reporting Aka Toi or paper-based assessment results.

        Click to view >
        Encourage your learners to use iportal
        Have you encouraged your learners to sign up to iportal yet?

        Not only is the Careerforce Resource Library accessible via iportal, but so are your learner's training progress reports.

        Log in to iportal >
        Programme updates throughout 2022
        We'd like to acknowledge that there have been a lot of changes to programmes this year. This has come about as qualifications are reviewed every five years and programmes are updated to reflect any changes to qualifications post the review.

        When a qualification is reviewed, it is listed with NZQA as a new version. The previous version has a last date for completion and any learners that have not yet completed by then will be transitioned to the new version of the qualification.

        If you would like to refer to the communications we've sent to workplaces about these updates, we've compiled the list on our website.

        View the list of programme updates in 2022 >
        Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions
        Earlier this year, Careerforce launched virtual sessions to help provide assessors with mārama (clarity) or support with any assessment of assessment practice questions.

        Hono mai (connect with me) is a virtual assessor forum open every Wednesday from 1– 2pm. A Careerforce moderator is available during each session to answer any of your burning questions and help you find clarity in your role as a Careerforce assessor.

        Join the meeting via iportal
        If you are an assessor, you can join the meeting link by logging into iportal. Just click on the ‘Hono Mai meeting for assessors’ menu option. If you have any questions, please email

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