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         FEBRUARY 2024
Welcome to the latest quarterly edition of Assessor News. We hope you'll find this issue valuable to your role as an assessor. View the full version of this newsletter on our website.

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Assessor and Moderation Hubs for 2024
Careerforce registered assessors are required to attend training or participate in professional development to remain current in assessment practice.

A great way to do this is by attending an Assessment and Moderation Hub (Wānanga Mātauranga).
Thanks to some of your feedback, we've introduced professional development topics, tailored to each session. Topics will be adjusted, depending on the needs of the attendees.

See the 2024 schedule and sign up >
New 'how to' videos on Aka Toi
We've added two 'how to' videos to Aka Toi for new learners and assessors.

If you're a new Careerforce registered assessor, the video is a useful way to show you how to navigate the online portal. There's even an option to 'Have a go' at some example marking.

Watch the new videos on Aka Toi >
Grow your pool of Careerforce registered assessors
Do you have a colleague who you think would make a great Careerforce registered assessor? Or perhaps you're just needing some extra help?

See tips on expanding your assessor team >
Assessor Spotlight: Christine Moss
Meet Careerforce Staff Assessor, Christine Moss.

Christine will be welcoming her retirement in a few months and, after 17 years at Careerforce, she has one or two departing words of wisdom to share...

Get to know Christine >
Communicating effectively with ESOL learners
If you’re supporting trainees whose first language isn’t English, keeping your written and oral feedback clear, short and simple is important.

Immigration New Zealand has a suite of dedicated resources to help managers and workplace trainers communicate effectively with migrant staff.

Check out their 'Keeping it Clear' resources >
Programme updates and reminders
A number of our programmes and older versions of our programmes closed at the end of 2023, and more are closing on 31 May 2024.

See our latest programme updates >
Your learners are invited to free Study Hubs in 2024
Do your trainees or apprentices need some extra support with their training programmes? Our Achieve Study Hubs are face-to-face sessions where they can drop in, ask questions, meet with other learners, and receive help with their learning.

Achieve Study Hubs are run all across Aotearoa
Our Achieve Study Hubs are scheduled across the country. Trainees and apprentices are also welcome to attend sessions outside their area. See the full schedule on our website.

Talanoa study hubs for Pacific learners
Noho marae and Wānanga mahi for Māori learners
Are you supporting a Pacific learner?
We have a Pacific team who understands Pacific learners' needs and are here to help them.

Our Pacific team runs Talanoa (study support sessions), and face-to-face and online Fono (workshops). You can see the 2024 schedule of Talanoa on our website. We are sending email invites for our Talanoa sessions to learners by region.
Are you supporting a Māori learner?
Our Rōpū Taupuhipuhi Āmio / National Mobile Support team provides options for kanohi-ki-te-kanohi (face-to-face) kaupapa Māori approach support through wānanga mahi and noho marae. The schedule for 2024 is on our website, and we are sending email invites to learners by region.

As needed, we will provide extra support to any ākonga (learners) and ngā kaiaromatawai (assessors) in working with the Te Ao Māori unit standards.
Te Pūkenga to be disestablished
In December, the new Government announced its intention to disestablish Te Pūkenga. Just as it was a very long process to establish Te Pūkenga as a legal entity, it will take time to disestablish Te Pūkenga and will require legislative changes.
While we remain a business division of Te Pūkenga for the time being, we have been given the very strong direction to just continue trading and operating as Careerforce as you know us, and as we have done prior to and during the reform process.
Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions
Need mārama (clarity) or support with any assessment practice questions? Join our weekly virtual Hono Mai sessions to connect with a Careerforce moderator.

Sessions are each Wednesday from
1 - 2pm

Join the meeting via iportal
You can join the meeting link by logging into iportal. Just click on the ‘Hono Mai meeting for assessors’ menu option. If you get stuck, email
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Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions via iportal

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