Industry training employers recognised, Employer survey reminder
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Industry training employers recognised
Employer survey - hurry, time running out
Pay equity - latest qualification update
Industry training the better investment

Shining the light on our outstanding employers

Over December, the Industry Training Federation (ITF) is publishing a series of regional advertisements congratulating those businesses that have had employees successfully complete on-job training programmes or apprenticeships in the last 12 months, covering all 11 industry training organisations including Careerforce. The general theme of the campaign is that a skilled community is a thriving community.

If you have had employees complete training over the last 12 months, we think you deserve this free public recognition. However, before we give your business name to the ITF to include in the ad, we would like to offer you the opportunity to opt out. If you DON’T want the name of your business to be included, please email us at by Thursday 22 November. We’ll otherwise assume you’re happy to be featured within the regional ads.

Please note that it is only the name of your business or organisation that will be listed in the ad – no individuals will be mentioned.
Building tomorrow's skills through industry training
Josh Williams, CE Industry Training Federation, talks on Breakfast TVNZ about Industry Training: "It’s time to stop thinking of apprenticeships as the "poor cousins" to university degrees."
Thank You!

As we approach the end of the year, and reflecting on our commitments to our funding body, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), we are having a number of discussions with employers across the country to ensure appropriate trainee activity rates. We thank you for your efforts to keep your trainees active, and if there is any way we can support your efforts, please contact your Careerforce Advisor.

2018 Annual Employer Survey - Reminder

Our annual employer survey is currently live, and we would love to get your feedback – what we’re doing well, and perhaps what we’re not doing so well.

If you have not yet completed the survey, you should have received a reminder email last Thursday.  (Search under "Kate McRoberts" as sender). Please check your spam/junk folder, but if you have not received an invite and would like to participate, please email
Remember, every 20th completed survey receives a $50 Prezzy Card, and we also commit to sharing the key results with you. The survey closes on Friday 30 November.

Industry training is the better investment
"We are investing in skilled and passionate people like Aimee O’Kane, who supports adults with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to live good lives", said Interim Chief Executive for Careerforce, Andrew Saunders, at the Canterbury Joint Industry Training Mayoral Graduation on 12 November.

Aimee who completed two health and wellbeing qualifications in two years with the support of her workplace, Helen Anderson Trust, was one of over 100 graduates in attendance during the graduation event organised by the Canterbury District Councils to recognise and celebrate its local graduates of industry training.

In his keynote speech, Andrew refers to the recent BERL study that uncovered the real cost of tertiary education, highlighting  industry training as the better investment.
If you have a passion for something, make it your career
Every week, we hear amazing stories about our trainees and the differences they are making in the lives of those they support. These folk are our heroes, and we’re keen to share their stories, and give them the recognition they deserve.

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Pauline Plewinski, a floor leader at Alzheimers Northland, and an apprentice in diversional therapy.

More employers encouraged to give young people a chance with Gateway

While potential solutions to the workforce shortage issues across the aged care sector are still being discussed, one Auckland-based rest home has started trialing a potential solution.

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital in Epsom is opening its doors to young people through work placements, by introducing how a career in aged care can be valuable and rewarding.

"I think with changes to the immigration laws, we have to really look closely at how we’re encouraging people into our sector." says Stacey Mowbray, Community Partnerships lead at Elizabeth Knox.

Fees Free to continue throughout 2019
Expiring Unit Standards & Expiring Versions of Standards 2018
Tertiary education is Fees Free for eligible first time tertiary students.

For ITO’s, Fees Free covers training and assessment fees paid by trainees and employers, and covers the first two years of fees for eligible trainees in eligible programmes, and whose training started in 2018 and now 2019. There is no fees cap for individual industry training fees.
On 31 December 2018, approximately 80 unit standards, or superseded versions of unit standards will expire.
This means assessment against those standards (or versions) CANNOT take place following that date.

We have prepared two versions of the unit standard details: by classification (subfield and domain) and in order of unit standard numbers.

Top Tip - Applying the REAL model
In each issue of Skills for Good, we’re sharing top tips on how you can best support your employees with their training. In the last issue, we focused on the importance of goal setting. In this issue, we focus on applying the REAL model.

Top Tip  – Applying the REAL model
REAL is the Careerforce way of assessing in the workplace.  It’s about acknowledging the skills, knowledge and experience of the workforce and utilising this as part of the assessing.  

Pay Equity & Qualification Equivalencies - Update
In each issue of Skills for Good, we will be publishing the latest 'Pay Equity and Qualification Equivalency' updates.  These replace the previous standalone email notifications.

As part of both the 2017 aged care and support pay equity settlement, and the 2018 mental health and addiction support worker settlement, workers can qualify for pay equity via either job tenure, or level of qualification.

Careerforce was given responsibility for determining qualification equivalence, and to date, have assessed a number of New Zealand and overseas qualifications.

The most recent qualification decisions are available here.  Please also check our website for all equivalency decisions.
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