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We hope you'll find the content in this issue valuable in your journey with Careerforce as an apprentice:
  • Reasons to succeed with your apprenticeship
  • Win one of three prizes
  • Careerforce will transition to Te Pūkenga on 1 September
  • Life Changing Careers Campaign is back for 2022
  • How to remember what you've read
  • Good advice from other apprentices
  • Meet fellow apprentices Kayla and Israel
  • Passionate about what you do and want to share your story?
Reasons to succeed with your apprenticeship...

We sometimes hear apprentices say they struggle to see the purpose of the study, especially if their employer enrolled them in the training programme, rather than the staff member choosing to do the programme.  You may be surprised just how the apprenticeship programme can benefit you.  We’d like to share what some graduates told us in a recent graduate survey.

“It helped me gain new knowledge and skills that I could apply and utilise in my workplace.”
“Through Careerforce, it has helped me improve my skills at work and was able to understand more how my residents are, especially in the Dementia Unit. I was able to know more strategies on how to handle such residents…”
“Gave me all the tools and knowledge to feel confident doing my job as well giving me the skills I lacked.”
“Learned many new things, my work is easier and I’m more confident at my work - very happy and satisfied thank you.”
“For giving me the opportunity to explore my skills to help our community especially our elderly. For giving me knowledge how to my job in a right way and in a professional manner.”
“I got more knowledge and applied it in practice in my job in the right way, so it really benefitted me and my client.”
“For giving us the opportunity to improve and understand better our tasks and responsibilities as housekeepers.”
“Careerforce helped me with my personal esteem not only for myself but also in dealing with colleagues.”
“They helped me achieve my goal to do well at my training, work, and for my families future.”
“It’s terrific to be able to formalise my skills and gain recognition of them officially.”
Win one of three prizes!
You can win 1 of 3 $50 grocery vouchers. Just answer three easy questions to be in the draw by 29 July 2022. Complete the quiz now!
Careerforce will transition to Te Pūkenga on
1 September 2022

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Board has confirmed that Careerforce will become a business unit within Te Pūkenga’s Work based Learning (WBL) subsidiary on 1 September 2022.
It's business as usual for apprentices when Careerforce moves to Te Pūkenga.
Te Pūkenga was created in April 2020.  It brings together Aotearoa’s Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations (such as Careerforce) into one national organisation that will support work-based, on-campus, and online vocational learning and training across the country. We’ll update you on any progress, but it should be business as usual for some time. We'll aim for minimal disruption, if any.  Your apprenticeship, your qualification, the service you receive from us, our systems and processes and how you contact us at Careerforce are all expected to remain the same for some time.
Life Changing Careers campaign is back for 2022
Last year we launched the LifeChangingCareers campaign to share stories of your peers in the wider care and support workforce showing how passionate they are about their careers. We have recently launched the 2022 campaign, so keep an eye out for more stories from support workers, just like Kiri, who are making a difference in people’s lives. Kiri and Madison's story is the latest in the LifeChangingCareers campaign, and we're so excited to share it with you.
As you’ll all agree, we need many more people, just like Kiri, to help address our workforce shortages.

Feel free to share these stories, to help encourage others to consider a career in care and support work. To find out more about Kiri, watch the video or read her story

To keep up-to-date, and read more inspirational stories about your fellow Careerforce learners, simply follow or like us on Facebook

Also, you may wish to join the private Careerforce Apprenticeship group to link in with your fellow apprentices.
How to remember what you've read
Do you often forget what you have read and later struggle to remember the pages you had glanced at? Welcome to a problem that many of us face. You’re not alone. It can be tricky as our brains are not made to remember everything we encounter, unless we are lucky enough to have a photographic memory.

Here we provide some great hints for reading, finding information and how to remember it. Click on the box below.
This is just one example of the great resources we've developed.  More resources are available here on the Learning to Learn web page.

We'll be adding to these over time, so we encourage you to regularly visit this webpage.
In a recent newsletter, we asked apprentices from their experience, what is the best advice they would give to a new apprentice...Thank you for all your ideas. Here are a few of the gems that were shared....
Reach out for help! Don't sit there questioning yourself or feeling hopeless and confused. Use the Facebook page to contact other apprentices or message your adviser.
Believe in yourself and don't overthink assignments which will then make your procrastinate.

You'll know more than you think you do. This course will help you contextualise your own experiences!

Always ask for help from your assessor if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. They really are there to help!

Take it slow, Read all the learning material before starting a module. Complete one task at a time, don't work on multiple tasks at once.

and there are plenty more words of wisdom.....

Meet fellow apprentice Kayla
This young apprentice is the future of support work.
“She may be quiet and humble in her approach, but Kayla Dobson has a maturity that belies her age.  She really is the future of support work”, says Andrea McKenzie, Service Coordinator at Pact, Dunedin.

Kayla has successfully graduated with a New Zealand Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation, with support from Careerforce.  The Community Support Worker sailed through the apprenticeship programme soon after finishing her Level 3 Health and Wellbeing Certificate, says her manager.
In her role, Kayla supports a range of people with intellectual disabilities, contributing to their lives, their wellbeing and supporting their independence. “Although some days can be challenging,” says the 22-year-old, “it’s immensely satisfying and rewarding.”

“From the day that Kayla first started with us, to the Kayla we have today, there has been tremendous personal growth along the way,” adds Andrea. “Kayla is open to learning and understanding her role and her place in the team to bring out the best in the people we support.”

“She puts them first and that is exactly what we seek in a support person – people with the right attitude and Kayla absolutely has it.”
Meet another fellow apprentice, Israel
Te Puke apprentice, Israel Hapi, is helping kids turn their lives around.

Israel is a passionate advocate for young people, and he overflows with enthusiasm about the rewarding work he does, and his recent studies.

The inspirational 20 year old is employed as a Rangatahi support worker with kaupapa Māori provider Ngā Kākano.  He has successfully completed the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Health and Wellbeing, with support from Careerforce, and is eager to continue studying, upskilling and becoming more qualified.
At Ngā Kakano, Israel is a co facilitator for youth programmes, specialising in fitness and wellbeing.  In this role he inspires young people who have disengaged from mainstream schooling, and/or may be at risk.  He helps to re-engage these young people, to build their identity and confidence and make healthy choices.  He supports them to transition back to school, or training or employment and equips them to make positive decisions..
Passionate about what you do, and want to share your story?
Careerforce is seeking care and support workers who are passionate about what they do, are supporting greater diversity into the workforce, and are happy to share their stories as part of future marketing campaigns.  Do you have an interesting story to tell?
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