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         OCTOBER 2023
Welcome to the latest quarterly edition of Assessor News. We hope you'll find this issue valuable to your role as an assessor. View the full version of this newsletter on our website.

If you've received this email but aren't currently assessing, please let us know by emailing
End of year dates to put in your diary
As we approach the end of the year, we suggest you pop these dates in your diary:

  • 18 December: Our last certificate run of the year. Final results need to be in by 10 December to ensure they are included in this certificate run. If this date is missed, they will be added to the first certificate run in 2024 (15 January).
  • 18 December: If a workplace requires any enrolments to be completed by 22 December, Careerforce will need to receive completed Training Agreements by 18 December.

Wednesday 8 November:
Online assessor and moderation hub for youth work assessors. Sign up here.
Your annual moderation for 2023
All Careerforce registered assessors are required to go through an annual registration review.

Part of this review is to ensure that each assessor successfully participates in annual moderation.
We offer two options available to help you meet this requirement:

1. Assessor and Moderation Hubs (Wānanga Mātauranga)

There are still workshops available this year. Sign up here.

2. Moderation Sample Submission Form
Complete the Moderation Sample Submission form on our website. Make sure you read the instructions first.

We request that you provide your moderation samples for 2023 no later than 31 October.
E-Learning books for adult ESOL learners
Do you have staff with English as a second or other language who have good speaking and listening skills but have trouble reading and writing in English?

Learn more about Ako Aotearoa's new set of digital read-along books >
Processing assessment results
Are you familiar with your reporting requirements?

Do you know how many working days you need to mark submitted assessments by?

Here's a quick reminder >
Assessor Spotlight: Putoko Thompson
Meet Careerforce registered assessor Putoko Thompson.

Putoko is based in Tauranga, and has been assessing for Careerforce since 2015.

Get to know Putoko >
Aka Toi coaching sessions for newbies
New to Aka Toi? Get up to speed with our online Aka Toi coaching sessions. Sessions cover how to use (but not limited to):
- Aka Toi
- The Marker Table
- My Scope
- My trainee progress
To book a session, either click this link, or just follow the steps in Aka Toi under the Help menu.
Programme updates and reminders
It's been a busy time for programme updates, including a recent last date of assessment extension to several of our version 1 programmes.

See our latest programme updates >
Introducing Te Pae Ora - our wellbeing hub for your ākonga
We're excited to unveil Te Pae Ora, an online hub developed by Te Pūkenga. The hub is dedicated to support your ākonga (learners) on their learning journey with Careerforce | Te Pūkenga.

Explore Te Pae Ora >
Inactive learners
Earlier this year, a number of learners were withdrawn due to lack of activity. Within our training agreements, we do require learners achieve at least 10 learning credits per calendar year, and that failure to achieve credits within any 12 month period may result in withdrawal.
To avoid any learners being unfairly withdrawn due to overdue marking of assessments, can you please ensure that you are as up to date with your assessments as possible over the next few weeks, and prioritising older assessments.

More about this here >

Aka Toi - new widget to support users with disabilities
To assist our learners with disabilities, we have introduced a UserWay accessibility widget on Aka Toi.
You will find this widget on the middle right-hand side of all Aka Toi pages. To access this, just click on the icon. This widget has a range of tools to help our users with disabilities and to help better support their digital accessibility needs. The functionality includes easily increasing font sizes, activating dyslexia friendly fonts, adding contrast to the page and more!

Feel free to have a play around with this widget and promote it to any ākonga (learners) or anyone else you feel may get value from it.
Support for Pasifika and Māori learners
We provide a number of resources and supports for learners who identify as Māori or Pasifika. This support also includes face to face learner sessions. Please check out these pages for Māori learners and Pasifika learners and to see which face to face sessions are planned in your area.

If you have learners that identify as Māori or Pasifika and don't receive our dedicated Māori or Pasifika newsletters, and would like to, they can email or
Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions
Need mārama (clarity) or support with any assessment practice questions? Join our weekly virtual Hono Mai sessions to connect with a Careerforce moderator.

Sessions are each Wednesday from
1 - 2pm

Join the meeting via iportal
You can join the meeting link by logging into iportal. Just click on the ‘Hono Mai meeting for assessors’ menu option. If you get stuck, email
Hono Mai sessions for Māori unit standards
We acknowledge that some assessors may need further support with marking the following Te Tiriti assessments:
  • 28543 – Describe culturally safe Māori operating principles and values
  • 28989 – Cultural diversity
  • 32418 – Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • APP104 – Kawa and Tikanga

We encourage you to join our Hono Mai sessions where our national moderators can answer some of your questions about these unit standards.
Te Pūkenga update
As you may have read about in the media, Te Pūkenga released its decision document on its new national structures in September. This followed 5 weeks of consultation on its proposed organisational structure that received over 8,000 feedback submissions, and that contributed to a number of changes to the final organisational structure. Amongst these changes was the recognition of the kaiāwhina workforce via the creation of a focused kaiāwhina domain within the new structure. This is a great outcome as it ensures a continued dedicated focus on this critical workforce.

The focus now shifts to transition planning as we move from 25 individual divisions into a single organisation and which will progressively happen across 2024.

You can read more about the new structure here.
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Join our Wednesday Hono Mai sessions via iportal

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