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Help us bring training to life
Gateway Programme is motivational for student

Why become a Gateway employer?
It's a privilege working with the elderly
Welcome to your Careerforce January update
Kia ora

Welcome to the first edition of Skills for Good for 2020.

I hope you and your team had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

In this edition of Skills for Good we place the spotlight on the Gateway Programme. 2019 saw almost a doubling in secondary school students enrolling in Careerforce Gateway programmes from the previous year.

More employers are providing secondary school students the opportunity to explore careers in their respective sectors, as they are the future workforce of Aotearoa. If you are interested in learning more, please touch base with one of our Vocational Pathways Advisors at 0800 277 486 or email:

Ngā mihi nui

Andrew Saunders
General Manager, Employer Services

Help us bring training to life
We hear a number of fantastic and inspiring stories about the work your staff (trainees and apprentices) do every day, and often about the difference their training and attainment of qualifications has made to both their work and personal lives. These stories allow us to bring workplace training to life.

If you have any such stories, we’d love to hear them, and allow us to celebrate and recognise both your people and your organisations.

Please email us at
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Congratulations to Margaret Blake, from Beetham Health Care in Gisborne who won a morning tea from the last issue!
Gateway Programme was motivational and eye opening for student
Enrolling in their school’s Gateway programme, and supported by coordinator, Sonya Fitzgerald, they explored different career options Charlotte found interesting.

"It was a good way for me to experience career options I was interested in and better understand what I’m going to do when I leave school," shares Charlotte.

Charlotte is a keen cyclist and has started competing, and is into living a healthy lifestyle. As an athlete, she became interested in personal training and decided to explore that further.

She is also interested in a career in rehabilitation, something she discovered the unfortunate way. "I’m looking at a career related to rehabilitation because I went through that myself. I broke my back in a cycling crash when I was racing." It is two years since the crash and Charlotte is still going through rehabilitation.

"I never thought about a career in rehabilitation until the crash happened. Then, going through the rehab, it just opened my eyes and I thought this is cool, supporting people to get better."

With the help of industry training organisation, Careerforce, Charlotte enrolled in Careerforce’s Gateway programme and got a work placement at Equitas, an organisation providing homes for young people who have suffered a brain injury.

Why become a Gateway Employer?
Support young people like Charlotte discover a career path in the health and wellbeing, social and community sectors.

Participation is easy!
Here’s what you can expect from the programme.
  • Flexibility. You and the participating school can arrange the work placement for the student.
  • Relevance. We’ll work with the school to create a purposeful learning programme to complement their time with you.
  • Fit. Schools will have already pre-selected students showing interest in working within the sector.
  • Support. You’ll receive ongoing support from the school, and from us at Careerforce.

Get in touch with one of our Vocational Pathways Advisors at 0800 277 486 or email: for more information.

Coming soon - Literacy & Numeracy professional development workshop for training facilitators
This year we will be offering workshops for trainers/coaches/learning facilitators who are new to supporting staff with literacy and numeracy learning needs, and wish to increase their knowledge of how best to support them.   

This professional development is offered at no charge and will include:

  • Understanding a trainee’s capability at each ‘step’ score of the L&N assessment.
  • Tips to help trainees engage with written learning materials.
  • Skills and assessment requirements for being a reader/writer.

These are half-day workshops, and can be linked to peer-moderation dates, or they can be offered as part of your in-house professional development programmes.

More information on these workshops will be posted shortly.
Please contact Cushla if you wish to discuss this further.    |   027 838 9512  |  04 550 2426
It's a privilege working with the elderly
When you feel it’s a privilege to be working with and looking after the elderly, you know you have that special gene. It takes a special type of person to be working in the aged care sector.

Shona Anderson has been working in aged care for 20 years and still feels joy in coming to work every day. "I find the job very rewarding because I’m providing my residents with a purposeful quality of life that gives them enjoyment each day."

In 1999 she started her career in aged care as a cleaner. "I worked as a cleaner, then a caregiver,  a kitchen-hand/cook and then Recreational Co-ordinator and now an Activities Assistant."

She is currently working at Bupa Kauri Coast Rest Home and Hospital in Dargaville.

Shona has also added registered assessor to her job title. She is supporting her colleagues achieve nationally recognised qualifications through on-the-job training with the help of industry training organisation, Careerforce.

"I like to teach people and share my knowledge. It gives me great pleasure when they receive their certificates."

While doing all this, she is also doing an apprenticeship, working her way towards achieving a Level 4 qualification to become a registered Diversional Therapist.
"I think on-the-job training is an excellent way for people to upskill. I’ve done a lot of workplace training over the years and I’ve learnt a lot. It’s given me the confidence to do my job at a better capacity than prior to training."

Pay Equity and qualification equivalencies

We’d like to remind you that Careerforce is no longer accepting new applications for qualification equivalency assessment (for pay equity purposes).  We will process all applications received by 31 December 2019, and expect these assessments to be completed and outcomes notified before 31 March 2020.

From 2020, employees can still achieve pay equity via qualifications. They can review the extensive list of over 1000 qualifications already assessed as equivalent (as listed on the Careerforce website), or complete the Health & Wellbeing Level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications via a provider of their choice. Please advise your staff of their options.

The most recent qualification decisions are available here.  We will continue to update you with the latest qualification decisions for the next few months (for applications received before 31 December). Please also check our website for all equivalency decisions.

Accessing and completing Training Agreements
This is just a reminder that the Training Agreement can be accessed from the forms page on the Careerforce website.

You may also find this guide helpful: How to fill out a standard training agreement form

For those of you who print off the Training Agreement and complete it by hand, can we ask that all information is clearly handwritten.  We have received a few bounceback emails recently because email addresses have sometimes been difficult to read. Thank you!
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