Reform of Vocational Education – Transition of Standard Setting Responsibilities
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We trust that you have been keeping familiar with the gradual implementation of the Reforms of Vocational Education (RoVE).

Transition of Standard Setting Responsibilities
As you will be aware, Industry Training Organisations such as Careerforce presently hold two core functions; arranging workplace training, and standard setting. While the transition of the arranging training function is not expected to happen until later in 2022, the transition of the standard setting function is on track to take effect on 4 October 2021.

This latter function of standard setting will transition to one of 6 new Workforce Development Councils. For a majority of Careerforce’s current coverage, this will be to the Community, Health, Education and Social Services WDC (CHESS, Toitu te Waiora). In the case of our cleaning coverage, standard setting responsibilities will transition to the new Services WDC.

Standard setting responsibilities that will transition include external moderation, processing of applications for consent to assess, and the development and ongoing review of unit standards and New Zealand Qualifications.

What does this mean for Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs)?
Careerforce’s current external moderation responsibilities will officially shift to the newly established WDCs on 4 October 2021. Careerforce will no longer be accepting external samples for moderation after Friday 20 August. This will allow us time to complete all moderation submitted, prior to official handover to the new WDC.

The new WDCs will be communicating in due course about their external moderation processes, including key contact details.

Effective immediately, no further applications for consents to assess will be accepted. WDCs will be responsible for communicating when and how they will receive these requests. Consent applications that are in process with Careerforce will need to be completed no later than Friday 10 September.

Transition of Data and Material to the WDC
To allow the WDC to assume their responsibilities on 4 October, we will be transferring various data and materials to the WDC, and we have earlier sought legal advice to ensure we comply with privacy requirements. This transfer will include moderation and assessment samples which are in most instances anonymised (as required by NZQA), but does include a minority of samples where there may be some identifying information (but no contact information). Where you have previously participated in qualification related reviews with Careerforce, your contact details may also be shared with the WDC, and they may contact you for future similar activities.

If you have any concerns, please discuss with your regular Careerforce contact.

WDC Questions?
Please be aware that WDCs are start-up organisations, and not all roles are expected to be filled when WDCs become operational on 4 October 2021, and it will take time for WDCs to become fully functional. Independent websites are being developed for each WDC, and these will go live on 4 October 2021. If you have any questions about WDCs or would like to contact a WDC before 4 October 2021, please email, or alternatively discuss with your regular Careerforce contact.

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Rod Bentham
General Manager, Learning Solutions

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