Introducing new CEO, Christchurch office on the move
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Careerforce announces new CEO
Christchurch office on the move
Pay equity - latest qualification update
Important fees-free update

Careerforce announces new CEO

Careerforce has appointed Jane Wenman to be its new Chief Executive Officer.  She replaced Ray Lind who left the organisation on 2 November, after over 7 years as its CEO. Previously Jane was Careerforce’s Chief Financial Officer and joined the industry training organisation in September 2016. Prior to this, she worked in chartered accountancy with Grant Thornton New Zealand.

“I have been very fortunate to have been part of Careerforce’s recent growth story, and I feel very privileged to lead Careerforce going forward," says Jane.

"I am really excited about furthering the role Careerforce plays in delivering better outcomes for New Zealand and to working very closely with our many stakeholders.”

Careerforce Christchurch office on the move
Reflecting the significant growth of Careerforce as an organisation across the last few years, our Christchurch Armagh Street office has been bursting at the seams, including the recent deployment of a portacom. As a result, we’re excited to announce that from Monday 17 December, our new Christchurch home will be at:
According to Jane Wenman, Careerforce Chief Executive, “this office shift reflects a real commitment from Careerforce to Christchurch, and a fantastic new home to over 50 Christchurch based staff, and where we've had 33% growth in the last year alone.   The new offices provide a much more modern working environment, and we’re sure our staff are going to love it.”
New Christchurch address
Level 1
6 Hazeldean Road
Hazeldean Business Park
Christchurch 8024
All phone and P O Box details remain the same. Feel free to pop in any time or pay us a visit.
Check out our Careerforce highlights in 2018
Sharing the stories of our heroes and giving them the recognition they deserve
Here is another amazing story about a trainee who loves supporting people and making a positive difference.  

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Tracy Currie, Tracy is a Link Centre Coordinator at Pact in Balclutha.  She is also an apprentice in mental health addiction and support.

Watch the video to hear her story.

Annual Employer Survey Update
Our annual employer survey has now closed off, and we thank those who responded – we had a great response, which we read as an engaged employer community who are committed to improvements in learning outcomes across our sectors. As promised, we will look to share key findings with you in the new year, and perhaps most importantly, what actions we’re going to take as a result.

In the meantime, we have previously committed to sharing updates on identified actions resulting from last year’s survey. Please find following our latest quarterly update:

Employer Issue
Careerforce Action Update
MyPath not providing an ideal user experience
New look, and improved e-learning platform due for launch early 2019. Trainees and assessors can expect to see significant improvements that have resulted from extensive feedback and testing, including:
  • Simplified dashboard
  • Improved help function
  • Records of learning easier to find
  • Easier for assessors to see assessments that are ready to be marked
  • Improved clarity for people who are both trainees and assessors
  • Showcase videos
Beyond these changes, the platform will continue to have further improvements made to improve the user experience.

Lack of engagement felt by some employers
Engagement cycles are now in place, with engagement via the following means:
  • Quarterly face to face visits to workplace by Careerforce Workplace Advisors
  • Quarterly workplace calls by Client Relations Co-ordinators
  • As required, Assessor support visits to workplace by Learning Engagement Advisors
  • Quarterly workforce engagement hub meetings held regionally by Employer Services team
  • Quarterly pastoral care visits or calls by Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor to workplace apprentices

Questions in assignments can be difficult to understand
Business Level 4 assessments have been amended and re-issued along with learner support and guidance. Work has now begun on reviewing our Health and Wellbeing Level 2 and apprenticeship assessments for clarity.
Lack of communication
Welcome to the third Skills for Good Employer e-newsletter. We hope you’re finding the information valuable, and welcome your feedback on what you like or dislike. Just email us.
Eighteen and already making a difference

At eighteen, Hastings teacher aide, Willa Sophia Maguire-Harbrow, is doing amazing work supporting children with special needs at Kōwhai Special School.

She firmly believes that her caring nature and admiration for children with special needs started when she was young, when her mother became guardian to Peter who lives with autism. Willa considers him her brother, and he became her inspiration to pursue this challenging. but very rewarding career.

“If I didn’t have Peter in my life, I seriously wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have so much admiration and respect for people with disabilities. I have met some remarkable people who can remain positive despite the challenges they’re experiencing,” says Willa.

Meet your future workforce - Become a Gateway Employer
Our health and wellbeing sector is facing a number of increasingly challenging workforce shortages in the coming years, including those posed by an ageing workforce. We need to start attracting young people into the sector, and promote the increasingly attractive career pathways and remuneration available.

Open your door to support young people into a career in the health and wellbeing, and social and community sectors by becoming a Gateway employer. Gateway is a work placement initiative for senior school students (Year 11 to 13) funded by the Tertiary Education Commission.
Top Tip - Celebrating Success
In each issue of Skills for Good, we're sharing top tips on how you can best support your employees with their training.  In the last issue, we focused on applying the REAL model.
In this issue, we focus on the importance of celebrating success.

Has one of your staff completed a unit standard or module? Have they had a breakthrough or light bulb moment? Have you got a group who just completed?

A small celebration will do wonders for staff morale. Why not organise a small graduation ceremony to recognise your staff? Celebrating achievements as a team or as an organisation is very motivating. This a good way to show your appreciation for their hard work and makes them feel valued. 

Do also keep a lookout for the Industry Training Graduations organised by the Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs in your district and encourage your staff to attend if they’re invited. 

Our Canterbury-based staff were recently invited to the graduation of the first group of Ashburton Hospital orderlies and cleaners who completed their Careerforce qualifications. Careerforce's Crisselda De Leon interviewed some of the graduates and managers to find out what the celebration means to them and shares her experience.

Important communication for trainees who may be eligible for fees-free and need to submit a statutory declaration
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has identified trainees who may either have been, or are currently enrolled at your organisation, and who may be eligible for fees-free but have an ‘unknown’ eligibility status for 2018. We encourage you to share this update with your current trainees as soon as possible for them to take appropriate action.

To check if they’re eligible, they need to go to and enter their National Student Number (NSN).
  • If their result is yes, they should already be receiving fees-free support.
  • If their result is unknown and they meet the criteria – they need to complete and submit a 2018 statutory declaration to be recognised as eligible for fees-free. They need to follow the instructions on the web page to access a statutory declaration form.
If they don’t know their National Student Number, they should contact Careerforce on 0800 277 486.

Note: They should complete and submit their 2018 statutory declaration as soon as possible. If they wait until 2019 or later to submit a statutory declaration, they may not be able to receive fees-free payments for any eligible study they did or plan on doing in 2018 or 2019. If they are still at school currently, they are not eligible. This is because in 2018 all tertiary study you do while at school is ineligible for fees-free. 

If you or your employees have any questions regarding Fees-free eligibility or statutory declarations, please contact the Fees-free review team at

Pay Equity & Qualification Equivalencies - Update
In each issue of Skills for Good, we will be publishing the latest 'Pay Equity and Qualification Equivalency' updates.  These replace the previous standalone email notifications.

As part of both the 2017 aged care and support pay equity settlement, and the 2018 mental health and addiction support worker settlement, workers can qualify for pay equity via either job tenure, or level of qualification.
Careerforce was given responsibility for determining qualification equivalence, and to date, have assessed a number of New Zealand and overseas qualifications.

The most recent qualification decisions are available here.  Please also check our website for all equivalency decisions.
Careerforce holiday hours
Careerforce is closing for the holidays at 12 noon on Friday 21 December and will re-open on Monday 07 January 2019.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays!
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