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Kaiāwhina 5-year Workforce Action Plan #2 is “Go Live”

The first and formative 5-year Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan 2015-2020 concluded in June 2020, having helped to build an enduring foundation for the future of the Kaiāwhina workforce.

The new five year Plan has inspired the whakatauākī written by Turaukawa Bartlett, Kaiwhakahononga and Aimee Bartlett Kaiwhakahononga Hapai at Careerforce. This taonga reflects the spirit of the Plan mahi and will help guide the evolution of the mahi as it continues beyond the next five years.
Mā te āwhina, e ora ai te torohū o te Kaiāwhina - Nurturing the limitless potential of the Kaiāwhina workforce.

Kaiāwhina – A Taonga

The term ‘Kaiāwhina’ is a taonga (treasure) that embodies the core essence and nature of an essential workforce that is passionate, resilient, diverse, skilled and committed to supporting hauora (holistic wellbeing) outcomes. Its origins stem from a desire to create a term to replace demeaning labels such as the ‘non-regulated’ or ‘unregulated’ health and disability workforce.
Find out more about whakapapa of the term Kaiāwhina

December 2020

The Kaiāwhina Workforce Programme, overseen by a partnership between the Ministry of Health & Careerforce sets out a 20-year vision for the development of the health and disability Kaiāwhina workforce. Download the Action Plan 2020-2025 Priorities.

Check out the awesome Kaiāwhina Resource Section on the Health Quality Safety Commission (HQSC) Website here

See the November 2020 Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC) e-Digest - Issue 124 here.


2020-2025 Plan Priorities

The 2020-2025 programme of work drawn from workforce stakeholders has five core priorities:

1.     Building cultural capability
2.     Connecting Kaiāwhina
3.     Accelerating new ways of working and eco-system thinking
4.     Creating workforce knowledge and data
5.     Supplying and developing the workforce

Kaiāwhina Voice

As New Zealand’s population grows and ages, it is vital that Kaiāwhina continue to be developed and supported to achieve their full potential as members of the interprofessional team. The Plan aims to increase the visibility and profile of this essential workforce as valuable, competent, and integral members of the New Zealand health and disability system. Guidance from the workforce itself will be integral to navigating and informing the next part of their journey.

Priority Networks

The 2020-2025 Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan has five Priorities which are the focus of the work programme.  To gain broad sector engagement and input to each of the priorities a network of people and organisations has been established to form interest-based groups with a commitment to the common agenda for that priority.  Kaiāwhina engagement in these networks to bring their voice to the mahi is a key intent.
The networks will involve virtual meetings approximately two-monthly to gain guidance and advice on particular actions and to organise specific topic groups/forums to progress items. Members of the networks bring their knowledge, skills, connections, influence and passion to the work programme for their priority.
Networks will be adaptive and flexible with additional people being invited to join a network for specific topics to keep forward momentum and to help ensure that the voices of a diverse number of stakeholders are brought to the table.

Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce - Governance for the Plan

Led by a partnership between Careerforce and the Ministry of Health, the Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce, made up of a broad range of health and disability sector leaders, provides governance leadership for the delivery of the Plan’s Priorities.

To ensure that the momentum gained continues, the Health Workforce Advisory Board has added their support to this important mahi.

Left: Anna Clark, Deputy Director General, Health Workforce, Ministry of Health
Right: Jane Wenman,
Chief Executive Officer, Careerforce
(Sponsors of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan and Co-Chairs of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce)

Kaiāwhina Workforce – Featuring in the Health & Disability System Review Report

Careerforce CE and co-chair of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce, Jane Wenman comments

“we are delighted to see reference to this workforce (Kaiāwhina) in the Final Report of the Health and Disability System Review led by Heather Simpson.

It’s another example that Kaiāwhina are now on the radar of sector leaders and seen as being a significant contributor to the wellbeing of many in Aotearoa”.

You can view and download this report here.

Like to be Involved?

We welcome interest from the workforce and other sector stakeholders to help shape and influence the output of Plan’s work. If you would like more information on the Kaiawhina Workforce Action Plan or how to be involved please contact Sarah Jeffares at kaiā

Mā te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai ngā pūmanawa ā tāngata
Together weaving the realisation of potential

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Meri Kirihimete
As we come to the end of 2020 we wish you all Meri Kirihimete and are reminded of the wise words of this whakataukī:
Titiro atu tō kanohi ki tairāwhiti ana, tērā uhi e rā kite atata, ka hinga ki muri ki a koe.
Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.
Ngā manaakitanga
The Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan Programme team

The Kaiāwhina Workforce Programme is overseen by a partnership between Ministry of Health and Careerforce.
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