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Annual Employer Survey - the results are in
Careerforce 2019 Annual Report released
Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund
Careerforce's partnership with Yale
Welcome to your Careerforce June update
Kia ora

Welcome to the June edition of Skills for Good.

In this edition we look at a number of Government initiatives announced over the past month that will provide a positive impact to on-the job-training.

We have summarised the results from the Careerforce Employer Survey and include the actions we intend to take to make your experience with Careerforce the best it can be.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the survey. 

Finally, I am delighted to say our offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington are all open (by appointment).

Ngā mihi nui

Andrew Saunders
General Manager, Employer Services

Annual employer satisfaction survey - the results are in
Our 2019 annual employer survey was carried out over November 2019, and we have spent considerable time pouring over the results and comments made. Pleasingly, we had another increase in survey completions, and another increase in overall satisfaction. However, there are clearly areas where we can improve. For transparency, and as we have done in the last two years, we have summarised the results, issues raised and our intended actions into a final report – we encourage you to have a read. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.

There was a continued and consistent request for Careerforce to provide more support through to trainees, and that augments the existing employer supports. A key priority for us currently is the continued development and evolution of our trainee engagement cycle, and the next stage is the release of a quarterly trainee newsletter, Training for Good, which launches next month. The aim of the newsletter is to provide practical tips and advice, share inspirational stories, and answer some frequently asked questions to keep trainees engaged and feeling supported throughout their training journey.
Careerforce 2019 annual report released
Please find the recently released Careerforce 2019 Annual Report here.

According to Jane Wenman, Careerforce Chief Executive,
“Overall results were very stable with the previous year, a very respectable result given the impacts of RoVE across most of 2019. Despite the continued uncertainty, our staff have just got on with what they do best, supporting our employers and trainees.”
Particular highlights from 2019 included an increased surplus, continued growth in apprenticeship enrolments, strong growth in digital engagement, and celebrating our 25th anniversary as an industry training organisation.
Targeted training and apprenticeship fund (TTAF)
Earlier this month, we sent an email announcing the Government’s new Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), which takes effect from next Wednesday, 1 July.

There is much yet to be finalised, but what we can confirm is that effective from next Wednesday, 1 July, there will be no enrolment costs for the following qualifications:

  • All apprenticeship programmes
  • NZ Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Level 3
  • NZ Certificate in Youth Work Level 3 & Level 4
  • NZ Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Level 4, Advanced Support
  • NZ Certificate in Pest Operations Level 3, Urban Pest Control
  • NZ Diploma in Health & Wellbeing Level 5, Applied Practice

We are continuing to work through the details with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), including reconsideration of additional qualifications which are not presently eligible, but which we feel meet the criteria and intent of the fund. We will share further information as it becomes available.
Apprenticeship Boost
Earlier this month, the Government announced a $380.6 million Apprenticeship Boost programme, and which will take effect from 1 August. The initiative effectively provides a wage subsidy for new and existing apprentices in their first two years of training, encouraging employers to retain their current apprentices, and to take on new apprentices.

As with the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF), details around implementation are still being worked through by officials, and we will share information as it becomes available. What we do know is that Apprenticeship Boost will be paid at $1000/mth for apprentices in their first 12 months of training, and $500/mth for apprentices in their second year of training. Apprenticeship Boost is available from August 2020, will run for 20 months, and employers will apply for Apprenticeship Boost through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

For more information on the Apprenticeship Boost initiative, please go to the TEC website or to the MSD website.
Careerforce's partnership with Yale empowers fellow to create change
Left to Right: Jane Wenman (Careerforce CEO), Rod Bentham (Careerforce GM Learning Solutions), Toni Huls, Chyrell Bellamy (Yale), Helen Hamer (Mentor)
“This has been a vehicle for me to express myself.
It’s given me hope, it’s empowered me.
It has allowed me to dream, to come back into this world.”  Toni Huls

Nine participants with lived experience, including mental health and addiction, recently completed the LET(s)LEAD Academy, a transformational leadership development pilot programme.  Participants shared their individual projects and what they had each learnt from the programme at a special graduation event held at Careerforce’s Wellington offices in March 2020.

In 2019, Careerforce partnered with the Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health, to support a group of emerging leaders in New Zealand to participate in the programme.

Toni Huls was one of the New Zealand cohort.  She is an Intentional Peer Support Worker at Otago Mental Health Support Trust. She has also suffered from a brain injury and experiences mental distress. “It’s been a turning point. I feel really lucky that because of all my trauma experience, I’m able to hopefully make a difference and give a voice to others.”

For the past two years Toni held a voluntary role working in mental health, addiction and intellectual disability with the Southern DHB Consumer Council. She also volunteers as an ‘Equally Well Champion’ supporting individuals or organisations working together to improve people’s physical health outcomes.
Workforce Development Council Update
In our last issue of Skills for Good, we detailed the Government’s plan to fast track the establishment of Workforce Development Councils (WDCs), and encouraged people to register their expressions of interest in being part of the interim establishment boards for the six new WDCs.

The interim Establishment Board for the Health, Community and Social Services has just been announced, and we congratulate these board members, including our very own Gill Genet, General Manager for Business Development. Details on all board members can be found here. We wish you all well. Board member details for all 6 WDCs can be found here.

Careerforce partners with MySkill and MSD
Careerforce has recently entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and MySkill, the aim of which is to help job seekers new to the healthcare sector, to access free pre-employment training, and to connect them with recruiting health and wellbeing employers across the country.

According to Jane Wenman, Careerforce Chief Executive,
"COVID-19 presented the most significant challenge our healthcare system has ever faced and has resulted in a significant number of displaced workers across New Zealand's economy. This partnership between MSD, MySkill and Careerforce allows us not only to support potential employees into a rewarding and secure career, but also helps to address the shortage of workers across the health sector at the same time,"

Anita Guthrie, MySkill General Manager, commented that
through this exciting development, job seekers can now upskill themselves into the rewarding and fast-growing healthcare industry."

For more information, go here.

Win a morning tea worth $100 for your team
Simply complete three questions correctly to be in the draw to win. The quiz closes on
10 July 2020. To enter, follow the link below:

Congratulations to Liane Dixon, Nurse Educator at the Christchurch Hospital. Liane won a morning tea from the last issue which she shared with the Perioperative team. “Our staff had a lovely morning tea with lots of laughter. Thank you very much Careerforce,” says Liane.
Volunteers stepping up in the community during lockdown
In times of crisis, it is heartening to see people go beyond self, and think about others. In Dunedin, Age Concern Otago received an outpouring of support from hundreds of volunteers wanting to help them serve the needs of older people in the community.

Tristan Kavanagh, Social Connections Team Leader and Careerforce apprentice, said it was overwhelming to hear from so many who wanted to volunteer their time.

“When we started the lockdown, a lot of people started to contact us wanting to help in any way possible. My manager decided we would set up something like the volunteer army.”

“The response was incredible! We received hundreds of emails and phone calls. We actually had to turn people away because we had such huge response and we still had our regular volunteers.”

The organisation had to work through how to deliver their services, with no physical contact between clients and volunteers. With those aged 65 and over advised to stay home, they were needing support with their grocery shopping. Age Concern had to make sure this was done safely and securely.
Google tools for trainees with limited reading and writing skills
In the March newsletter, we explored speech-to-text features in Microsoft Office 365.  We looked at how these could be used in oral assessments to capture evidence of a trainee’s knowledge and understanding. 

This month we explore Speech-to-Text apps for Google Docs, for those assessors and trainees who do not use Microsoft Office. There are many tools and features in the Google suite of products that provide accessibility for users with special needs and they provide a training video on these:
There is also a range of Chrome web-based apps and extensions for text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions.

For a full breakdown on Google’s range of tools to assist with reading and writing, please look here

This is a rapidly evolving area of IT and the site is updated frequently.
Qualification Review update
As the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) appointed qualification developer for Health & Wellbeing qualifications, we are undergoing a major review of a number of qualifications. This is a requirement of the NZQA for all qualifications listed within the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), but is also good practice to ensure they remain fit for purpose.
1. Qualification Review: Social and Community Services L4 – Preparing findings and recommendations
We are in the process of completing our analysis and recommendation. We will publish the findings and recommended changes, and then seek attestations of support from stakeholders.  

2. Qualification Review: Rehabilitation Support L4 – Preparing for NZQA submission
We have now gathered attestations in support of the revised qualification. NZQA has requested we submit the qualifications under Health and Wellbeing Level 4 as one suite, this includes Rehabilitation Support L4.

3. Qualification Review: Addiction Studies L6 – NZQA requested for information
We received a request for information from NZQA in regards to the submission and have now responded.

4. Qualification Review: Primary Care Practice Assistance L4 – Face to face consultation
There’s a need to do further consultation for this qualification review. We are currently planning a face to face consultation.    

5. Qualification Review: Public Health L5 – Reviewed qualification submitted to NZQA
We have now submitted the reviewed qualification and supporting documents to NZQA. We will provide an update once we hear back from NZQA.  

6. Qualification Review: Skills for Living 1 – Consultation ongoing
Stakeholders requested a face to face workshop in early July to progress the review. This will be held in Wellington.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the qualification reviews, please email
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