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In this Issue
Free job portal to support our sectors
Successful end to 5-year Kaiāwhina Action Plan
Trainee supports people to lead better lives
Free enrolments in Cleaning and Business
Welcome to your Careerforce July update
Kia ora

Welcome to the July edition of Skills for Good.

Our Jobs for good portal has been up and running for a month and is generating strong interest.  We are creating a link between employers and jobseekers who are looking to gain meaningful employment and experience in the sector.

In this edition we spotlight the wonderful work of Teremoana Manu (Moana) and James Tainui.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Ngā mihi nui

Andrew Saunders
General Manager, Employer Services

Jobs for Good, your free job portal
Careerforce has launched Jobs for Good, a free job portal for employers to post their job vacancies. It is also free for jobseekers to access. This is for employers in health and wellbeing, social and community services, and cleaning and urban pest management to post their roles. Due to employer requests, we have also decided to allow volunteer roles to be posted.

Our aim is to connect employers with jobseekers, students or school leavers and those who are looking to gain meaningful employment and experience in the sector.

Why have we launched Jobs for Good?
We receive many enquiries through our website and our contact centre, particularly recently, from people wanting to train and get a qualification, but are not yet in employment. Many of them are looking to change careers and start a rewarding career. We think this is one of the ways we can support the community and the sectors we work with by providing this free service.

How do I load a vacancy?
Employers are now able to submit a vacancy for posting through this link:
Our team will then review the submission and publish within 1-2 working days. We may get in touch if we need any further information.

You are able to set an automatic expiry date for the job post. All applications will still go through your usual process. We will not be accepting applications from jobseekers.

Why you should list your vacancies on Jobs for Good
1. It’s free, and very simple to list a vacancy!
2. We are aware that there are other online job portals – the key difference with Jobs for Good is that it is exclusively focused on roles that are within our coverage area – your vacancy will be promoted to a targeted and relevant audience.
3. We will be actively promoting Jobs for Good through our social media and other channels, and to our school partners to share with students and school leavers.
We encourage you to forward this information to your HR or hiring departments.
Our Jobs for Good team may be contacted via email at  for any questions.
Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF)
We have communicated about the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) in previous Skills for Good updates, and further information can be found on our website.

Since our last update, we have had further updates around qualification eligibility, and can confirm that courtesy of TTAF, there are no enrolment costs for the following qualifications (from 1 July 2020):

    • All apprenticeship programmes
    • NZ Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Level 2 & Level 3
    • NZ Certificate in Youth Work Level 3 & Level 4
    • NZ Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Level 4, Advanced Support
    • NZ Certificate in Pest Operations Level 3, Urban Pest Control
    • New Zealand Diploma in Health and Wellbeing (Level 5) Applied Practice

TTAF will run through until 31 December 2022, although the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) may review and refine qualification eligibility over this time.

Free enrolment in our cleaning and business qualifications
Unfortunately, and despite a strong case being made to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), enrolment fees for our cleaning and business qualifications will not be covered by the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF).

We are disappointed by this decision as felt that they did meet the criteria for the fund. The TEC have indicated that they will regularly review and refine qualification eligibility across the lifetime of the fund, and we will again make a case that these qualifications be covered when such a review is underway.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, we have made the decision to waive our enrolment fees on our cleaning and business qualifications*:

  • NZ Certificate in Cleaning (Level 2)
  • NZ Certificate in Cleaning (Level 3)
  • NZ Diploma in Business (Level 5)
  • NZ Diploma in Business (Level 6)

Enrolment fees will be waived for all enrolments up until 31 December 2020, and will be backdated for any enrolments received since 1 July 2020 (to be consistent with TTAF).

*For enrolments in NZ Diploma in Business (Level 5 & 6) that are eligible for Fees Free or for any applicable grants (e.g. Mental Health Support Worker Training Grant), these entitlements will take precedence over the Careerforce free enrolment offer.

Apprenticeship Boost
The Government’s new $380.6m Apprenticeship Boost fund commences on 1 August, and is designed to help employers to retain and bring on new apprentices as the economy recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

Key details of the fund include:

  • Employers of first and second year apprentices who are in a Tertiary Education Commission approved New Zealand Apprenticeship or a Managed Apprenticeship will be able to apply for Apprenticeship Boost. This includes all Careerforce apprenticeship programmes.
  • Employers can apply for Apprenticeship Boost whether an apprentice has just started their training programme or is within their first two years.
  • Apprenticeship Boost is available from August 2020 and will run for 20 months until April 2022.
  • Employers, with an apprentice who is in the first year of their apprenticeship will be eligible for $1,000 per month, and for an apprentice in their second year, will be eligible for $500 per month for a maximum period of 20 months. Employers can receive up to a maximum of $16,000 for each apprentice they employ.

How to apply
If you have eligible apprentices within your business, you need to apply for the Apprenticeship Boost fund through the Ministry of Social Development. For more details on the Apprenticeship Boost fund, including how to apply, go here.

Successful end to 5-year Action Plan is just the beginning for Kaiāwhina workforce
A 5-year Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan that concluded in June 2020, will help build an enduring foundation for the future of the Kaiāwhina workforce.

A Careerforce and Ministry of Health partnership led the Plan to increase the visibility and profile of the Kaiāwhina workforce as valuable, competent, and integral members of the New Zealand health and disability system.

Kaiāwhina (non-regulated) roles are essential for supporting health and disability consumers in a variety of settings.  As New Zealand’s population grows and ages, it is vital that this workforce is developed and supported to achieve their full potential as a member of the interprofessional team.

Over the five years, a Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce, made up of a broad range of health and disability sector leaders, has provided governance leadership for the delivery of the Plan’s 53 actions which have all been completed or significantly progressed.

Although this is the end of the first programme of work, it is just the beginning for this important workforce. The Ministry of Health and the Health Workforce Advisory Board have now given a mandate for the continuation of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce to support the Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan over the next five years [2020-2025].

TEC changes to identification requirements during lockdown no longer apply
In the April 2020 issue of Skills for Good we outlined an amendment to identification requirements, to support the circumstances brought about by Covid-19. Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, the temporary identification amendments no longer apply, and all identification requirements revert to as they were, pre Covid-19.

Refer to the last page of the Training Agreement for a guide to the identification requirements.

Training helps Greymouth employee support people to lead better lives
“You see people change and grow and you see their mana enhance.
That’s what inspires me, instilling that belief in people.”  James Tainui
“We’re a group trying to help people find themselves, find that inner joy and live better lives. Pact has a great philosophy – we walk beside people, supporting them to do things for themselves,” says James.

Careerforce supported trainee James, was concerned that people often do not know where to go to find help. “I have seen a lot of people get mistreated, and be told one thing by one person, and told another thing by another.

“This isn’t right – It isn’t OK. These people need someone who knows the system, knows their rights.”
Pact supports people with a variety of needs, such as people recovering from mental illness, having a physical or intellectual disability, or overcoming an alcohol and other drug or gambling addiction.

In his role, James supports these people.  He enjoys the little victories along the way.  “Yesterday we took two steps, but today we’ll take three. You see people change and grow and you see their mana enhance.  That’s what inspires me. Instilling that belief in people."
New trainee newsletter to help support, motivate, and encourage trainees
Training for Good, our new quarterly trainee newsletter is designed to have something in it for trainees, wherever they may be in their training journey.

The first issue was sent last week

to trainees enrolled in the following programmes:
  • Health and Wellbeing L2 and L3
  • Health and Wellbeing L4 Advanced Support
  • Cleaning L2 and L3
Note that trainees opted out by their employers from receiving welcome emails and packs have been excluded.

A copy of the newsletter can be seen here

Win a morning tea worth $100 for your team
Simply complete three questions correctly to be in the draw to win. The quiz closes on
7 August 2020. To enter, follow the link below:

Congratulations to Keren Gundersen from Asset Cleaning & Property Services Ltd in Tauranga who won a morning tea from the last issue.
Health and Wellbeing Apprenticeship boosts confidence and opens doors
“The apprenticeship opened my eyes.
I tell you it just pushed me to another level.
It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”  Teremoana Manu (Moana)

Teremoana Manu (Moana) spent over 20 years as a receptionist/administrator for an Auckland GP practice.

When a new manager saw Moana had great potential but lacked confidence, the opportunity to upskill and run a 6-month project were just the boosts Moana needed.

Upskilling came in the form of an Apprenticeship in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) Primary Care Practice Assistance, supported by Careerforce. The 6-month project, Mana Tū, involved working one-on-one with patients to improve the impact of clinical and lifestyle interventions of whānau living with pre-diabetes or poorly controlled diabetes (HbA1c 65mmols+).   “All this was more than a little scary and put me way out of my comfort zone,” says Moana.

“For 20 years I went to work, did what needed to be done and then went home. I didn’t know much about anything else outside of my role.  The study really opened my eyes to seeing what goes on beyond me. It gave me the confidence to get out and talk to people, interview people and ask questions.”
Introducing Pathways Awarua's 'My Money' learning modules
Pathways Awarua is an online adult learning platform. Their vision is to provide free, fun and available learning resources to any adult wanting to improve their reading, writing and maths skills for work, and for life.

The My Money modules not only develop skills in decimals, fractions, percentages and interest rates, they also help build awareness of spending habits, recognise advertising tricks and scams, identify the difference between “want” and “need”, and provide simple ideas for financial planning and goal setting.

If you have a staff member who is struggling to pay down debt or manage their day-to-day finances, this might be part of your response and support for them.

They will need to register as a learner, so they have a login to the resources, but there is no advertising on this site. It is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission. The My Money modules are joint-funded in partnership with the Commission for Financial Capability.

The modules are also available via an app for iPads and tablets – free to download from Google Play or the App Store once you are registered.
Peer Support Apprenticeship open for enrolments
We are pleased to announce that the Peer Support Apprenticeship programme is now accepting enrolments. Following an extensive consultation with the peer support sector from start to finish, the programme is now ready to provide the peer support workforce with a qualification to recognise and enhance their practice. 

This is ideal for people who have lived experience and are working in a peer work or peer support role in mental health and addiction support, social services, disability and health advocacy.

Programme details
This is a 120-credit programme delivered as an apprenticeship. There are 14 modules in this programme with learning resources and assessments accessible via Aka Toi.

Contact your usual Careerforce Advisor to enrol. You can 'read more' about the programme on the Careerforce website here.
Qualification Review update
As the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) appointed qualification developer for Health & Wellbeing qualifications, we are undergoing a major review of a number of qualifications. This is a requirement of the NZQA for all qualifications listed within the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), but is also good practice to ensure they remain fit for purpose.
Qualification Review - Rehab L4 – Ready for submission
This review is ready for submission to NZQA, but is on hold until the other qualifications that are part of the suite have been completed.
Qualification Review - Skills for Living L1 – Face-to-face meeting held
The face-to-face meeting was held on 9 July, in conjunction with school holidays. The outcome and next steps will be communicated in the next update.
Qualification Review - PCPA L4 – Planning for face-to-face meeting – 18 Aug
We are inviting stakeholders to a face-to-face meeting in Wellington on 18 Aug. For more information and to register to attend the meeting, please visit the Careerforce website here.
Qualification Review - Social & Community L4 – Consultation completed
We have completed feedback gathering. We will now do our analysis and develop recommendations. We will make this available to stakeholders and then gather attestations.
Qualification Review - Addiction L6 – Qualification outcome approved
NZQA approval has been received for the qualification outcome on 02 July. The qualification was identified as no longer fit-for-purpose and will be discontinued. More information is published on the Careerforce website here.
Qualification Review - Public Health L5 – Awaiting feedback from NZQA
The reviewed qualification was submitted to NZQA on 12 May with the evaluator assigned on 25 May. Careerforce are now awaiting feedback or final approval from NZQA.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the qualification reviews, please email
iportal update - change in visibility of trainees
As part of updating our privacy policy, we will be updating the trainee records that employers and assessors can access in iportal, the online tool for viewing and submitting trainee information. From 7 August, only trainees with current active training agreements, and those completed or terminated in the last 14 months may be accessed by their employers and assessors. We will be removing the ‘Show all trainees’ option.

Visibility before the change

Visibility after the change
Opportunities at Careerforce
Our staff work in a variety of ways to enable and enhance the skill and qualification level of the workforce in the sectors we support to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in New Zealand. Please feel free to share these with your colleagues and whānau who you think may be interested.
Learning Engagement Advisor - Auckland
We are looking for a Learning Engagement Advisor to build capability that contributes toward trainee activity by supporting employers, assessors, workplace trainers & observers. See website for more details and Job Description.
Evaluation Analyst - Wellington
We seek an Evaluation Analyst to gather information to understand organisational performance and make improvements on behalf of employers and learners. See website for more details and Job Description.
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